What is Twitch? How to Make Money? (2020)

What is twitch and how to make money

What is Twitch? In order to provide the clearest answer to the question, we have prepared a very comprehensive guide for you. In this guide, you will both learn what twitch is and understand how people make money with this platform.


What is 1 Twitch?
What does 2 Twitch do?
Is 3 Twitch paid?
Download 4 Open Broadcaster Software
5 Install the Open Broadcaster Software program
6 Open Open Broadcaster Software settings
7 Add cameras and screens to OBS
8 Adjust OBS scene and source settings
9 Size the OBS screen
Get 10 Twitch broadcast keys
11 Verify your phone number
12 Adjust OBS settings
13 Enter the OBS broadcast key
14 Start the broadcast
15 How to make money from Twitch?
16 1.Take money from Twitch subscribers
17 2. Making money with Twitch bits
18 3. Making money from Twitch using donation channels
19 4. Find a sponsor for your Twitch channel
20 5. Advertise on Twitch
Play 21 popular games

What is Twitch?
Twitch is a live streaming site used by gamers and game lovers. Here, players can play their games by opening live broadcasts. A large part of the live viewers are made up of actors. Twitch.tv is the official website.

What does Twitch do?

Those who like to play can open a live broadcast here and interact with the community of players. They can appeal to large audiences. It is also possible to earn money when addressing the community of players. It is a huge platform that allows you to earn money while playing games.

Is Twitch paid?

Broadcasting is free. Subscribing to publishers and donating is paid.

It is a great platform for players who want to make money on the internet and want to realize it. It is a live broadcast website that is especially evaluated by players who want to play and earn money.

Players broadcasting here are often called twitch publishers .

How to broadcast on Twitch.tv? Check out what you need to do to become a publisher. You can become a publisher by following the steps below.

Download Open Broadcaster Software

Using twitch obs program
First to download the OBs you have to go to the download page and click on this link https://obsproject.com/t is , after arriving at the download page, you start to downloading by selecting the appropriate wrap your device, the supported platforms are Windows, MacOS 10:11 and Linux , which can be used in short, on every platform software.

Install Open Broadcaster Software

open broadcaster software installation
After the OBS Software is downloaded, we perform the installation by pressing the Next> button without changing any settings , we complete the installation process under a minute by saying Finish on the last screen.

Adjust Open Broadcaster Software settings

obs settings
By choosing “Yes” from the settings that appear when you first install the OBS software, you can enable it to find the appropriate settings for your computer. Our advice is to use this because with the latest update, OBS artificial intelligence has improved a lot and it knows where to behave very well.

Add cameras and screens to OBS

This is one of the most important parts in OBS Studio, adding cameras and screens. The screen allows you to mirror your computer or mirror the device you connect, and the camera is a plug-in for you to project your own image.

Adjust OBS scene and source settings

obs stage and source settings
In this section located in the lower right corner of the OBS software, you can customize your own additions, additions to the Stage will affect you in the following direction.

The scene setting is the part that holds the resources setting, for example, you are doing a game broadcast, the main plugin you need to add to the screen in the game broadcast is screen mirroring, the screen mirroring plugin reflects the game to the screen. The game is over and now you want to broadcast yourself for chat, but you don’t want to lose your settings for that.

By clicking the + icon on the stage, you add a new scene and click on it to prepare an independent setting.

OBS Interface introduction

When you press the + icon in the Cognacs section in OBS, a screen will meet you in this way, if we look at the plugins on this screen in order.

Screen Capture
Screen capture is used to stream the main monitor’s screen to broadcast, this setting is often used to display something on the desktop or broadcast it while using the browser.

Image section is the section that supports all image formats, by adding your logo to this section, you can place it in the publication.

Text (GDI +) The
Text section is used for typing on the screen. It is an advanced mode as it receives the GDI + tag, in this mode you can add various effects to the text you add, for example scrolling text.

Media Source The
media source section is just like the image part, but this time you add videos, not photos, the videos you add will automatically play on the screen.

Game Capture
With the game capture section, which is one of the most important add-ons, you can transfer the image of your games, open the game in the background before you open the game capture option, then open this setting, select the game from the displayed options and wait for it to appear on the screen.

Video Capture Device Bypassing the
others, we come to the Video Capture Device Part, another important issue, in this section you can see and select all the cameras connected to your computer.

Size the OBS screen

obs screen sizing
After completing the process of adding green to resize the screen plug-ins you can use the parts marked with red dots, ALT can have no place you do not want to interrupt the process logic if you hold down the button.
The Resources section works with layer logic, it is necessary to set what should appear on top and what should be on top.
Twitch from the live broadcast are willing to do, now get us a special publication by entering a key part of the key to the Twitch platform we need to make one.

Get the Twitch broadcast key

First of all, we need to login to the settings section in Twitch, for this we click on the profile on the upper right, we click on the Settings section, then click on the Channel and Videos tab.

Verify your phone number

twitch phone verification
The part we need on the screen is the marked part, if you have not verified your phone number, you will get an error in this way, we click on the purple text and go to the confirmation page.

Adjust OBS settings

twitch obs settings
After getting the broadcast key, we come to OBS software and click on the Settings section. On the incoming settings screen, we select the tab under the name “Broadcast” from the menu on the left .

Enter the OBS broadcast key

Twitch the Service section from the screen that appears and click on the Use broadcast key section.

Start broadcast

start a twitch broadcast
We have made all our settings and what we need to do now is to press the marked area on the right and go into broadcasting.

Now all you have to do is go into the broadcast life and wait patiently for the audience to come, this work will be very boring at first and you will set out with a couple of viewers.

Viewers will love you and your channel will begin to rise amongst broadcasters, but here is patience that you should not forget. Yes, talking to yourself at first will be boring to everyone, but it will be worth the time when we think Twtich Chat is flowing.

Broadcasting on Twtich is actually that simple, OBS is generally an easy to use program.

By mixing the settings, you can discover new settings, access more advanced settings, and increase your quality in the right proportion.

How to make money from Twitch?

Believe it or not, thousands of twitch publishers take money from subscribers and donations while you’re reading these lines right now. It was a bit of a rough expression, but this is the clearest word for the situation.

Just by playing games.

Can you imagine you are playing games and someone is giving you money!

  1. Make money from Twitch subscribers
    Let’s say you opened a channel, started broadcasting and you are being watched. The Twitch platform gives you the affiliate and partner name in the first place. It’s a beginner. You can earn money from subscribers in this system. So, as soon as you fulfill a few simple terms, you can start subscribing to your Twitch channel . Twitch partnership (participation) terms are as follows:

Broadcast 8 hours in the last 30 days
Broadcast 7 days in the last 30 days
Reach an average of 3 viewers in the last 30 days
Reach at least 50 followers and do not fall below.
For more detailed information, see: https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/achievements#Affiliate

There is also a Twitch partnership . This refers to the privileges that larger publishers have since their participation. You can take full advantage of all kinds of features.

Twitch partnership terms are as follows;

Complete the “Path to Partner” achievements by meeting these criteria correctly.
Have healthy organic broadcast audience statistics (shared / dominant, etc.)
Show that you have a large audience / followers on other media and / or platforms

  1. Making money with Twitch bits
    Bits is Twitch’s virtual currency within itself. Real money in this system that was developed after Turkey banned PayPal buys bits and send it to the publisher you want. The most preferred method of twitch monetization is sending bits. If you are a publisher, you can withdraw these virtual moneys sent at the end of the month into real money. So how many bits does it cost? You can see this below.

1,000 Bits> $ 11.80
100 Bits> $ 1.65
500 Bits> $ 8.26
1.500 Bit> $ 23.54
5,000 Bit> $ 75.99
10,000 Bits> $ 148.68
25,000 Bit> $ 363.44

A viewer does not have to send it all to a broadcaster after purchasing bits . If you have 1000 bits, you can divide it into as many pieces as you wish and donate it to the publisher of your choice. There is also an option to watch ads to earn bits . Twitch makes advertisers watch the bits to earn bits and pays these money in return, and viewers can donate the bits they earn.

During the broadcast, tell viewers to watch ads, earn bits and donate with these bits. This method is unknown to many viewers.

  1. Make money from Twitch using donation channels
    We said subscription, we said bits, now we will introduce donation channels. Viewers can donate you. This is a very preferred method and you should use these channels actively when you can. So subscribe to the donation sites I will give and add your donation links to your twitch channel . These donation sites deliver money to you with low deductions. You can also withdraw money from your account to your bank account at any time. Twitch donation sites ;

Bynogame, Gamepazarı, Stream Element, Gamingforgood, Gamesatis and Oyunfor

As far as I can see, Bynogame , which is also a sponsor for publications, is preferred. You can get donations from this site and also get sponsorship if you meet the conditions.

  1. Find a sponsor for your Twitch channel
    Now, this is where the zurna called the throat. You need sponsors that can meet all your needs such as financial support , broadcasting equipment, raffle sponsorship . So how do you find it? First, show people that you are a serious publisher. In other words, no one sponsors anyone who opens a broadcast one day and does not appear for a month.

5 days a week broadcasting, the dominant style of leading publications unexpected, joint broadcast with other publishers, subscribers to exclusive games are played and the number of viewers , no matter how tired before, patiently continued to broadcast that publishers are found sponsors. You don’t have to look for them, everyone’s eyes are on Twitch, they’ll find you shortly!

  1. Advertise on Twitch
    You think we’re exaggerating, right? Donations, subscriptions, bits, sponsors and now ads seem to hear what you say?

That’s how Twitch monetization methods are!

While you are broadcasting here, you make your audience watch ads . Whenever you want, you can advertise to viewers and earn money with a tool on your twitch panel. However, this method can be very annoying for the audience.

Subscribers are not exposed to advertisements, but you can miss other viewers who are extremely important to the channel. We have come to watch you, may lead to reactions in the form of watching advertising.

If you want to make money by showing ads to Twitch viewers, I suggest you do this at appropriate times (eg game breaks) and very rarely. In this way, you can not only lose viewers but also make money.

How can I grow my Twitch channel?
Let’s say you have created a channel and you are playing a game. You have a smooth, fluent and chatting broadcast.

However, your views are very low.

Unfortunately, broadcasting or playing well is not enough to be watched. First, make sure you meet the following conditions.

Be sure to provide the following for more viewers , followers, and subscribers on Twitch .

Make a broadcast that respects community rights, is free from racism and politics.
Share frequently about your post on your social media accounts and grow your accounts.
Try to build a wide audience on Youtube, this is also important to become a partner.
Professionally play at least one or a few popular games, broadcast with high viewing pleasure.
Share every detail about yourself and your hardware in the information section of your channel.
Publish frequently and regularly, and publish unexpected publications in a raid style.
Interact with other publishers. Expand your environment by entering games together.
Take part in game tournaments and try to achieve success. This is an effective advertising method.
Always interact with the audience and follow the chat to answer questions.
Play popular games
Now you know how to make money . Well, what are you going to broadcast, what game you play, what you watch, what topics are interesting to talk about, let’s answer the questions …

Playing popular games can be a good orientation. But I’m talking about playing games really well or creating fun moments. Let’s proceed with a few concrete examples… ArmutTV is a twitch broadcaster that can play pubg very well, and the vast majority of viewers come to watch it while playing PUBG. There is also a publisher named rammus53 . Although this broadcaster cannot play the game well, it is fun and funny PUBG can capture viewers by having moments.

The most watched games in Turkey are; PUBG, Fortnite, LoL, Dota 2, CS: GO, Apex Legends, GTA V, Minecraft ! Playing one or more of these games at a good level gives you serious audience. Apart from these games, there are many games that keep it. Just question whether it really appeals to a large audience and is being watched before you start playing that game…

Making money from Twitch.tv is an ongoing process. In the first months, while earning between 300 $ and 750 $, you can gather more viewers over time. Accounts with 20,000 viewers can earn more than 4,500 $ per week, which means about 216,000 $ per year! So there is really a chance to get rich on this platform.

The thing to remember is the fact that Twitch.tv cannot replace your full time job for a while. In order to earn good amounts of money from here, you must create quality content and grow your channel.

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