What are the ways to make money with WordPress?

If you want to make money with your WordPress site, you should know that you really need useful methods. WordPress is a platform that powers about 30% of all sites around the world. You can make money by combining your WordPress site with your blog habit.

You should know that making money with WordPress does not involve the dream of getting rich quickly. If you have a dream of becoming rich quickly, you should know that you are in the wrong place. You should continue on your way without believing anywhere that promises you to get rich quickly.

To date, you may have read a lot about making money on the internet. This guide is a little different from them because it merely combines WordPress with your blog habit. Most of the money making methods require time.

There is an important detail to know before you start using the methods here. These methods are valid if you have a WordPress site. If you have a blog on WordPress.com , these methods will not work for you.

Topics of this Post
1-Make Money With Blog Content
2-Creating a Paid Membership System
3-Creating a Directory Site with WordPress
4-Selling Digital Products with WordPress
5-Selling Services Using WordPress
6-Selling Physical Products Using WordPress
7-Becoming a WordPress Designer or Developer
8-Accepting Donations

Make Money With Blog Content

If you want to make money with your blog content, the first thing that you can think of is advertising. It is possible to make money using ads in WordPress. However, there are many different ways to make money using blog content.

Making Money From Affiliate Program.

While affiliate programs recommend a product or service, it is to use a special link and gain a share from the sales. For example, when you bring a new customer to a bank, gift cards or extra opportunities provided by the bank are part of the partnership program.

Similar approach is valid in the internet environment. It is possible to mention the existence of a partnership program in almost every sector. If you are interested in the affiliate program, you can browse the products you currently use and think the readers will be interested in.

If you want to succeed in the affiliate program, you can browse major platforms such as Amazon or Commission Junction . Apart from that, you might consider working with more local brands.

There is an important plugin that you should use if you want to make money with the affiliate program via WordPress. Using the ThirstyAffiliates plugin, you should turn your links into branded links and add keywords automatically to them. So you can make them perform better.

Affiliate programs are a very serious source of income because there are many different products that you can promote. You may consider benefiting from the partnership programs of various platforms that sell online.

2-Making Money with Google AdSense

The easiest way to do this is to use Google AdSense if you want to monetize your blog site . All you have to do is add the Google AdSense code to your site and start showing ads. You earn money per user who clicks on ads.

Clicking on the ads you create is called cost per click. On the Google AdSense ad platform, this amount is deducted from the balance of the advertiser. After taking its share, Google gives the money to the person showing the advertisement.

Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. You should not try to make money without bypassing this method. All you have to do is apply the game on your site according to the rule.

3-Direct Selling

Even if Google AdSense is an easy-to-use platform, it cannot help you sell ads directly. You can consider using various plugins for this. If you want to make money by showing ads on your site, you can sell the advertisement areas.

Selling direct advertising means not dealing with situations like CPC. You get an ad revenue from the very beginning and the advertiser’s ad will be visible on your site for the duration you set. So you need to set a fixed advertising figure.

When selling direct advertising, you should not forget that there will be a bargain share. You should remember that from time to time, you can earn more money for advertising space than others, while you can earn less money for some people.

You can use various ad plugins to show ads on your site. These ad plugins will make your job easier to show ads. If you want to sell ads directly, you should remember that you should determine the advertising areas on your site in the best way.

4-Selling Sponsored Articles

Some bloggers do not want to deal with display advertising. Instead, they try to make money without ads. Because you won’t have full control over display ads. Some readers will be uncomfortable with advertisements.

One of the alternative methods to make money on the blog is to sell sponsored articles. Selling a sponsored article is the same as the understanding of sponsored products in many other industries. A certain company will pay you to talk about its products and will have their products promoted in return.

The best starting point for selling sponsored articles is to create a single-page media page and include traffic information, social media figures, audience characteristics and other situations that will make your site stand out.

5-Making Money From Reviews

You can make money by writing paid reviews on your site similar to sponsored articles. Although this method is somewhat similar to the affiliate program, it is structurally different. Here, you can try the products in your sector for free and request a fee for promotion.

The thing you need to pay attention to here is to include products that can be fully compatible with your target audience. If you want to make money, you should not forget that you must satisfy your target audience. As long as you achieve this, you can easily make money on the blog.

6-Selling Blog

Another easy way to make money on a blog is to sell a blog. Especially companies that want to strengthen their presence in the internet environment and people with entrepreneurial spirit are interested in blog sales.

All you have to do is create a quality blog and show that you can do it again. Thus, you can start making money from processes such as blog creation, blog development, blog design and blog preparation. To sell a blog, simply make the blog address ready for use.

Creating a Paid Membership System

If you do not want to show ads on your site or do not want to deal with sponsored articles, you can try using different monetization methods. The most popular way is to implement the paid membership system. With this system, you can offer members access to certain areas that are hidden on your site.

Creating Content for Members

Users who follow your blog address tightly can afford to pay a certain amount to get more information from you. You can create a member-only area on your site and try to present blog posts, downloads, videos, audio content or more.

Sites with a paid membership system need a lot of time investment. Because you have to constantly create special content on such sites. All you have to do is to please members through special content and charge them in return.

If you want to create a paid membership system on your WordPress site, you should first review the membership plugins that can be used. In line with these plugins, you can easily create a paid membership system on your site.

Creating a Private Forum

Another way to monetize your WordPress site is to create a forum with paid access. Forums are very special platforms for users to interact with each other. While members try to help each other, you can try to improve their interaction experiences.

It takes time to check the content in the paid forums and interact continuously. You should remember that you need to make sure that your income is worth it. Most importantly, you should make sure that you are using the right forum plugins associated with WordPress.

Creating a Directory Site with WordPress

Another way to make money from your WordPress site is to create a directory or list site. You can request various fees for people who visit your site to be included in the lists. There are many different types of sites that you can create for this.

Creating a Paid Business Directory

Web directories used to be very useful in the past. Search engines are not that fast in indexing sites, and platforms that hold sites in a particular industry together are very popular. It should not be forgotten that they are still working on a sector basis, even though they are not very popular nowadays.

Directories are areas that enable your local business to be found, evaluated, and highlight its best products. You can create a paid business directory with WordPress . Thus, you can request a certain amount of fee for each registration to your site.

Creating a Paid Job Site

Another way to make money from your WordPress site is to create a paid job posting site. Companies can advertise on such sites to show themselves. If the sector you are in is a place that can appeal to many different companies, you can easily make money from your site.

If you are addressing a certain sector on your site, it will be much easier to create a successful job posting site. People looking for a job and employers can come together in the sector you are in. This is a good way to make money, even if it is not an easy task.

Creating a Paid Event Calendar

Instead of a job posting, you can use the similar method for the calendar of events. The main reason for this to work is that there are many companies that want to show their activities. You can earn money by helping companies promote their events.

It is not easy to succeed event calendar sites with paid memberships. It is necessary to work more locally. For example, you can create a site to promote all events in a particular city. Thus, you can provide paid promotion opportunities to companies that want to stand out in events.

Selling Digital Products with WordPress
You can consider selling digital products to make money with WordPress. Because digital product sales require less control and maintenance, they are among the most important choices of people who can create products.

Selling E-Books

E-books are among the most useful products that can be sold digital products. Writing and producing e-books is very easy. If you have been dealing with blogging works for a while, you should know that you already have experience in this matter.

After you have prepared your e-book, you should design a book cover for it and make it ready for distribution. If you are using WordPress, you may consider using various WordPress plugins that can help you sell digital products.

Selling Courses

Courses that can be followed on the internet are very popular. Moreover, it is possible to sell courses much more expensive than e-books. If you want to sell your own expertise for a certain fee, you may consider selling the course.

For this you should remember that you must have certain course information that you can turn into a course. You should choose to support courses with downloads, slides, checklists, and templates. In addition, you should be able to answer all questions from people in order to support courses.

Conducting a Paid Seminar

You can create webinars to build the target audience, share your experiences and grow your business. Moreover, you can use these seminars to earn money.

Seminars are like paid courses. However, seminars are held live. In the question and answer part, it is extremely important to interact with users. You can do all this easily with WordPress.

Selling Services Using WordPress

If you are looking for an easy way to make money on the internet, the easiest is to sell the service. No investment will be required for this. All you have to do is to prove your expertise and earn money on this expertise.

Providing Service

As a blogger, you can accept that you are an expert in your field. You can now use your skills and expertise to earn money. For this, you can try to help others by working freelance.

When you start self-employment, you receive wages from those who employ you for every job you do. Thus, thanks to the blog you have created, you can make money. Service delivery is one of the easiest methods to use your own expertise.


Consulting is one of the ideal ways to make money on the internet. For this, you must have proven yourself in the area where you are active. While you are counseling, you provide ideas instead of providing services. In return, you can request a fee from those who have an idea.

As in the freelance method, there is no need for any investment in consultancy. All you have to do is show that you can consult on the blog you have. To do this, you can create a separate landing page and let people know more about your counseling.

Selling Physical Products Using WordPress

Even if digital products or services are very ideal choices for making money over the internet, selling physical products that are real can be an alternative choice for making money. You have several options to sell physical products and make money using WordPress.

If you think you can manufacture and sell your own products, then you can set up an e-commerce site. You can start using the WooCommerce plugin, which is free to create an e-commerce site . But you should know that not everything will be limited to this.

Using an e-commerce site is an extremely demanding job. You should not forget that you will have to constantly check the products and decide on situations such as shipping. You should always remember that you need to offer products in the style desired by the target audience in order to sell physical products.

Becoming a WordPress Designer or Developer

If you think you have enough technical knowledge about WordPress, you can consider using your technical knowledge to make money. You must remember that you need to use your technical knowledge to make this method work.

Developing WordPress Plugin

Plugins make WordPress more flexible and more powerful. You can think of them as phone applications. With the help of plugins, you can manage to improve the features of your WordPress site.

Plugins can be very diverse. Some have minor code changes while others have extensive software changes. If you are familiar with the way WordPress works and you know the PHP programming language, you can manage to develop the plugin.

If you develop plugins for WordPress, you can manage to distribute it in a very different way. First, you can use WordPress’s own plugin directory. So you can develop better plugins with feedback from users.

If you want to sell the add-ons for a fee, you can use various market areas. However, it will not be a logical step to offer paid plugins without having a free plugin experience. You must first prove yourself and then consider developing and selling the plugin.

Selling WordPress Theme

If you like web design and development, you can develop and sell themes. You should not forget that you need to have design and technical knowledge to develop and sell themes. It is not enough just to design a theme that looks good. Theme code should be of good quality and clean.

You can choose to use a framework created for WordPress themes to develop themes . So you go half the way to design a theme. You can then design a beautiful theme and put it on sale.

Selling Graphics

If you are not familiar with coding, you may consider selling graphics using your WordPress site. You can offer the graphics you designed for sale as a stock image or as a logo.

If you wish, you can go to make customized designs. Thus, you can get extra income from their sales by preparing graphics. Graphics can be used in any field on the Internet. For this reason, you can be active in the most suitable market area and consider selling graphics constantly.

Accepting Donations

Finally, you can earn money by accepting donations from your WordPress blog site. Users who do not want to see the ads on your site can give them a chance to get rid of the ads for a certain donation.

Since donations are more of a generosity of people who visit your site, you should not see this as a clear method of making money. It would be much more accurate to consider donations as an additional method of earning money.

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