What are the Best Ways to Make Money Online ?

By | 18 Haziran 2020

Logging in to some sites on the internet increases the rating of that site, thus increasing the advertising revenues. Sites that want to increase their ad revenue also share their earnings with users. Many users earn money from daily transactions on the virtual environment. Sharing their income with users in order to increase their advertising revenues and attract more visitors is an alternative for those who want to earn additional income. In addition to those who want to make money, they can reach their goals by surfing the internet, clicking on ads, reading e-mail, and there are many different ways of earning. The name of money making methods such as surfing the internet, clicking on ads in the literature, ‘Affiliate Marketing’means that the affiliate (brokerage) is done online.

One of the systems that make the most premium in internet trade in recent years, ‘Affiliate Marketing’ offers the opportunity to make money on the internet to anyone who wants, while also making great profits for product or service owners. The methods used by the users to benefit from the internet and at the same time to earn money without expense are as follows:

Win by completing a questionnaire on the Internet

While research companies used to help the people in the street to fill in the questionnaires in order to collect data, with the development of the internet, they stopped paying the survey companies and found a way to reach people more quickly with the global and effective aspect of the internet. Internet companies, which now conduct public research through the internet, pay users for this.
When it is calculated that the duration of the survey varies between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, an additional income can be obtained by working one hour a day. However, income increases automatically as time spent on the internet increases. In addition, the longer the survey period, the more money the survey gives. For example, an average of $ 10 can be earned from a 15-minute survey, while an average of $ 25 can be earned from a 20-minute survey.

Making money by viewing a

website Google makes money by logging into its own site or by searching other sites for ads on Google. While Google is a search engine that gets advertising for its site to be displayed with money and establishes itself with these money, it is now considered as the best example of making money from the internet as a company. Internet users who want to make money by viewing the website can become a member of the sites that do this job and earn money by clicking on the advertising links on the site and watching them.

Earning by watching

advertisements The development of internet advertising leads to the emergence of systems such as earning money by watching advertisement videos, and after the membership process to the sites related to the subject, points are earned by following the advertisements, these points can be converted into money later. Publishers distribute a certain part of the fee they receive from advertisers to those who see ads, and only sites designed specifically for advertising;

Sites that Pay Per Click: When you enter and register on these sites, private links are displayed by logging on specially. After clicking these links and waiting for a certain period, a certain amount of money is deposited into the account according to membership.

Sites That Pay Per Read: When registered with these sites, some e-mail addresses are sent to the e-mail addresses periodically and a certain amount of money is deposited when the entire advertisement is displayed.

Sites Paying Per Link: In these sites, the links they provide to users are clicked into 3 groups as earning sites.

Earning money by clicking on links

to e-mails The e-mail accounts owned by millions of internet users around the world are provided with the access of their own advertisements with links thrown by advertisers. Although most Companies do this illegally, there are also companies that pay in return for viewing and clicking on the ads they send. After subscribing to many sites that perform this type of linking, earnings are earned after clicking on the links to the mail. As this process is not reliable on every site on the internet, it can carry risks such as not being paid despite displaying advertisements and closing their sites after 1 month.

Internet fraudsters try every way

On the other hand, while the internet offers different opportunities to those who want to earn additional income, fraudsters who want to take advantage of those who do not have a systematic command can take their place in the virtual world. Fraudsters are involved in losses by stealing many users, a user account on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, steTwitteraling collaterals that are shown or deposited by means of internet, phone, mail, etc.

Companies that can withdraw money from a person’s account without permission may deceive the victim on account of a security risk in their account information by making a serious email or phone conversations with a serious official. E-mails filled with free promises, anti-virus advertisements, additional files contained in them or addresses brought by links can also contain malicious software. With these software, fraudsters can steal passwords from computers. It can make victims of users.

1- Write and Sell an E-Book

If you have a tendency to write and trust your ability, consider writing an ebook. You may think that you entered the market late and the market is already full, but books that give people information about a technical issue still sell very well. This is a great source of income, but it requires a lot of effort at the beginning before making money.

You can sell your ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle program or Apple’s iTunes Connect, which gives you access to the vast majority of the digital book reading market, and the entry barriers on these sites are incredibly small. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make this happen, but you will have to spend a lot of time not only writing ebooks but also marketing them.

2-Audio Book Buy s

I know a few things that can be said about audiobooks. The most important thing is that audiobooks have gained more popularity than digital-e-books. When it comes to technical issues, people start looking for visual and audio materials. Buy yourself a good microphone and start creating your audiobook.

3 – Create an Application flour

Yes, this path requires a lot of technical knowledge. Doing this will be an important undertaking if you do not have the right application development skills. However, it is a great source of income when applications are done correctly. By creating a great app, you can reach a large smartphone audience. However, like anything really valuable, apps will require you to invest heavily in your time or money. If you don’t have enough skills to create an app, then you have to hire someone who can help you to create a great app. But first, you should find an idea to sell. Make sure you do the right market research and analytics to find the right app and don’t waste your money on the street.

4 – Use Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk enables Amazon to undertake micro jobs. These are tiny things that require human intelligence. You can undertake super simple tasks that anyone can do at prices starting from 6 cents. The lower payment limit is around $ 20.

5 – Sell in Fiverr

Graphic design, accounting, social media marketing, web design, SEO education, authorship and translation. You can offer services starting from $ 5 per job in the field you want. To earn more money per order, you just need to find a valuable service you can sell and sign up on the site.

Fiverr is one of the largest providers of the short-term job market on the web,  and with this tool you can sell a wide variety of services and products. Do the research and find out what you can offer. However, be aware that it will take time to succeed here, like other ways to make money. Over time, you will be able to generate more revenue thanks to your customers’ positive feedback.

6 – Upwork or 99designs Professional Services Deliver

Upwork and 99Designs are two of the biggest resources to sell any professional service in the internet world. If you think you are competent, you may consider selling your services through one of these sites. 99Designs applies only to graphic design, while Upwork applies to almost all other professional services.

Create a noteworthy profile and don’t forget to put effort on your profile. In the world of freelancers, where there is plenty of competition, you will have to spend time and effort to get yourself involved.

7 – Create a Blog

One of the most intense efforts to make money on the internet requires blogs, and we all know that building a blog with a real audience is difficult. However, when you reach a certain point, everything starts to work in your favor and becomes much easier.

Blogs can easily earn money from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month if designed properly. Find an interesting topic and a beautiful theme, open your blog and buy a domain without losing time. Your blog may even be on simple topics like fashion, recipes or herbal care, so be creative and stand out from others in this respect.

Make Money on Instagram and Facebook
It is not very difficult to bring people together on Instagram and Facebook, which has billions of members and can earn money in many areas. If you have a high-follower account, you can make a sales partnership, buy advertising or sell your own products. These two applications that lead the fast growing social media world should be your first choice to sell and earn money. After determining your audience and sales strategies, try to keep your accounts up to date and be reliable.

9- Make Money by Filling the Survey

I want to make money from the internet, but if you say I have limited time, making money by filling out a questionnaire is cut out for you. There are many research companies, such as Ipsos, who offer you cash or prizes in exchange for your survey. It is possible to earn small amounts of income, although not as much, as long as you are sure that you give correct answers to the questions.

10 – Rent Your Home on AirBnB

You can rent your entire house or a room on AirBnB. This is a simple and effective way to make money online, especially in the short term. It is possible to earn thousands of dollars in a month even if you are not rich in doing so. You can be the choice of accommodation for local and foreign tourists, especially if you live in a holiday resort. Search for other postings on your city’s AirBnB and see how much a place like yours is rented. You can also rent a bed in a shared room, as well as a private room. However, you may have trouble finding a tenant initially. If you are a really good host for your guests, your comments may be your home or room. It is one of the rare options that allows socialization among the ways to make money on the internet.

11 – Stock Photo Buy

If you are in photography and want to monetize it, you can consider selling your photos online to sites such as Shutterstock and iStockPhoto, which are two of the biggest photo sources. Although it does not seem like much effort, you will need to use your creativity. While trying to sell photos on online platforms, you will realize that you are in a serious competitive environment. Don’t be afraid of this. After licensing your images, publish them on the platforms mentioned above and start making money.

12 – The br Driver Register

If you live in an area where Uber works, why not become a driver? If you want to make money in the short term, you can definitely get high commissions by working for one of these popular car rental apps. If you have a clean record and trust your chauffeur skills, this job is suitable for you. Treat your guests with respect and offer the benefits that other drivers do not offer; The chocolate or sugar treatments will enable you to get high scores from your smiling customers. Thus, you can obtain a new additional income gate.

13 – Sell Handmade Products in Etsy

Etsy is a great resource for producing their own products and selling them online. If you have the skills and want to turn these skills into money, create a virtual store on Etsy and start selling your crafts. Etsy is a website where all consumers come together directly. The company charges a small fee to list your products. Do some research on bestsellers and try to imitate the stores with success.

14 – Answer Professional Questions

Would you like to answer questions for people looking for your expertise? Websites such as JustAnswer and LivePerson match you with people looking for answers to technical or professional questions. You can make money online by answering these questions and providing people with the right information based on their personal situation. Depending on your knowledge, it is possible to earn a certain amount of money by answering questions professionally. Before signing up for any website you answer for money, review the site and make sure it is a reliable source.

15 – Give Video Tutorial on YouTube

This option is definitely a long-term strategy, and by doing this you won’t be rich overnight, but creating interesting and well thought-out video tutorials and posting them to sites like YouTube can provide you with substantial income. Choose a field based on your expertise and stick to it. Create a YouTube channel and choose an area where you can train. A good income can be obtained after gathering people who are interested in that field.

16- Write an Article

Writing articles is one of the best ways to make money, especially on the internet. Depending on your skill level in writing, you can write articles on any subject for anybody. In the beginning, you cannot earn a lot of money, but after reaching a certain audience and working diligently, it is possible to generate considerable income. You can also do other things, such as copywriting for annotations, emails, or other selling content. You can take your first step into authorship by subscribing to sites that pay per article.

17- Translate Online

If you know a second or even a third language, online translation will be the most convenient for you to make money on the internet. At this point, the languages you know and your capacity to translate from these languages is very important. Another point you should not forget is that knowing a language and translating is not the same thing. Translation is a job that requires experience and attention. If you think you are skilled in translation and can improve this ability, update your profile after registering on sites that provide professional translation services. You can offer translation services from languages you know on Upwork, Fiverr and many more online service platforms and start making money on the internet.

18- Open Forum Site

You can open a forum site where people sign up with nicknames and share their ideas and thoughts under any title. Thanks to real people who comment on a product, you can stream to your forum. This way, you can receive ad offers and get to the top of Google search results.

19- Broadcast on Twitch

Twitch is a live viewing platform, where video games and talented people reach huge views. You can increase your viewing rates and earn money by giving tips and help to other players who are curious about popular games.

20 – Become a Virtual Teacher

If you like teaching and want to make money by teaching, you can become a virtual teacher. You can organize Webinars to attend one-on-one private lessons or to help people with anything. If you have a second language, you can become a member of Italki, a great market for language teachers, and start teaching languages. Make sure you have the necessary equipment for this job. If you have an internet connection, a good camera and a microphone, start virtual teaching right away.

You can also sign up for another platform where all kinds of courses are offered, such as Udemy. First, take a research tour and find the most demanding courses. If you think you are good at these areas, upload your course and start making money. Without forgetting, Udemy takes a 30 percent share of your sales.

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