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– Divide the 40 kg of tomatoes that you have washed well in four and rub the excess water that has been rubbed by hand.
Put it in the kitchen chopper and pull it for about 10 seconds until it is puree.
– Pass through the colander to separate the cores and peels.
Put the extracted tomato puree in an airtight sack, tie it with rope, put something under it and hang it in a six empty place to drain. You can use the water that comes out in the first stage to use in cooking and soups.
– Sack, leave the water for about 1 day until it drains.
– Put the tomato puree, which floats well until the next day and loses its excess water and starts to dry slowly, put it in a six large pot to cook and open the bottom of the stove.
Mix constantly with a wooden spoon and when the consistency begins to thicken, add 20ml of olive oil and 400g of rock salt and continue cooking.
This time can vary between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the amount of puree to be in tomato paste and the width of the pot.
Sterilize the jars in the oven or boiling water. Be sure to use a new cap. Caps are sold separately.
When the paste is ready, fill it in jars. Press the tomato paste against the back of the spoon and place it so that no air is left.
– Before closing, wipe the edges of the paper napkin thoroughly and pour olive oil on it to remove contact with air, and put it in a cool dark place.
100 ml of olive oil will be sufficient for the top of all jars.
-You can store the opened tomato paste jar in the refrigerator after using it.

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