By | 25 Ocak 2020

2 fingers less than 1 glass of water, 70 g, oatmeal
2, 70 g, egg white
1 banana
2 dried figs
4 dried apricots
20 raisins
10 strawberries


Ilkay is quite light, fat-free, sugar-free and suitable for summer in Cooking School today; He made both delicious and healthy cookies using dried fruits and oats.

-We cut the 2 sides to get the water of the strawberries and arrange them in a paper towel.
-We don’t use the middle of the strawberries. Leave the strawberries on the paper towel and you can start making cookies.
Grate 1 banana.
Chop -2 dried figs, 4 dried apricots and 20 raisins.
In the whisk, beat 2 egg whites.
-Then put 1 oatmeal of 1 finger glass of oatmeal and dried fruits you chopped and mix.
– On the tray with oiled paper, put 1 tablespoon of cookie dough into the cookie mold and press it to correct it. About 10 will be released.
After putting them all together, put 2 strawberries on each cookie.
Bake for 20 minutes on the middle shelf of the oven which is preheated, working at 175 degrees bottom and without fan.

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