By | 26 Ocak 2020


16 pieces (60 g) of white chocolate
6 tablespoons cream
1 large glass (300 ml) milk
120 ml espresso (4 hot)
1 teaspoon Turkish coffee
200 ml filter coffee


Today we have a new challenge in Food School. How do we make Starbucks’s famous White Chocolate Mocha at home? So how can you do if you don’t have an espresso machine? The answer to all of them is in this video!

• Put 6 tablespoons of cream and 16 pieces (60 g) of white chocolate in a small saucepan and heat until the chocolate melts.
• Add 300 ml of milk and mix.
• Put 2 teaspoons of coffee and espresso prepared with 60 ml of water in the glass you will serve.
• Add the milk mixture you prepared, add it to the glass and mix.
• You can also make the same milk mixture with Turkish coffee and filter coffee.
• To make filter coffee, you can add and mix this mixture over 200 ml of filter coffee.
To make Turkish coffee, put a coffee cup (70 ml) of water over 1 teaspoon of Turkish coffee and boil it, when the coffee is ready, add and mix the milk mixture of the same size and 3 types of white chocolate mocha are ready.

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