Selling Advertising Places on Your Website!

Hello friends today, let’s go into a little bit of how we can make money from our website in an easier way.

I hope you like it with a small example of how to do this in this article. For example, now you have a site, now we will try to get advertisements gradually.

The Number of People Who Enter Your Site Should Be More

As you can see from the title of friends, the number of entries to your site should increase, so if you want someone to advertise on your site, the main reason for this is that the entrance to your site is high because this is what affects the advertiser. So if you ask a question about how we can increase the number of entries, let me answer immediately. Friends, if your site is newly established, I recommend you to share your site’s link on different social media channels because social media is a serious source of traffic, so how much should your traffic be in order to get advertisements? Friends site traffic should be the lowest daily entry 500 – 1k or you will not find advertisers. Friends, actually, there is one more thing that is as important as traffic. The theme of your room site is the second factor that affects users and advertisers. Now, if your site does not have a nice theme, you cannot affect the advertiser. Try to add a theme suitable for the content of your site. Then you will impress both the user and the advertiser. Guys, you set the advertising fee, but it is better to make a minimum of $ 20.

How Do I Reach Advertisers?

This is the question that we all have in mind, isn’t it, for example, you have done everything I have mentioned above, but the time has passed and no advertisers have been told, just like this, a short list of things you have to do.

Provide Information about Your Site in Environments with More Digital Product Builders.

Usually Make Your Site Look Like It Is Better.

Deal with People Who Advertise for Your Audience.

Always Advertise Your Site.

Guys, the steps above should be done by yourself in the rest of the general ones, so you should improvise, if you are in this business, you will already have a little knowledge and experience, every site you open will add more to you and your team, make sure of it, never collapse and add better content to your audience. get fit. Take care of you, see you.

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