By | 24 Ocak 2020


240 gram baby biscuits
2 tablespoons butter
6 tablespoons milk

Ice cream:
4 tablespoons of sugar
70 ml milk
105 g cream
1 package vanillin

3 tablespoons of granulated sugar
6 tablespoons of cream (65 grams)

3 teaspoons of cocoa 0.8

Let’s see if the taste of Nogger has not changed for years, can we do it at home? I make Nogger recipe from scratch with very easy ingredients that can be found at home. Let our challenge begin!

• For Caramel; Spread 3 tablespoons of sugar evenly on the bottom of the pot. Turn the pot over low heat until the sugar melts and move the sugar that does not melt towards the melts.
• When the sugar dissolves completely and turns slightly, add 6 tablespoons of room temperature cream and mix.
• For ice cream; Add 4 tablespoons of sugar, 70 ml of milk (about 7 tablespoons) and 1 pack of vanillin to the remaining cream from caramel making, and beat with the help of a mixer for about 4-5 minutes. Put half the mixture in another container. Add 3 teaspoons of cocoa to the first half and mix well, add the cooled caramel to the remaining half and mix. Cover the plates and put them in the freezer and repeat for about 4-5 hours to mix every half hour.
• Biscuit; Melt 2 tablespoons of butter. For 4 nogger, pull the 240 gr sweet baby until it is completely powdered. Add melted butter and 6 tablespoons of milk to the biscuits with powder. Knead well to combine the mixture. Take one baking sheet and put the dough in half. Fold the remaining paper over it and open it with the help of a roller. Make 8 rectangles, 10 cm by 6.5 cm. If you want, you can make a big square measuring 20 × 26 cm and make 8 biscuits.
Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 8.5 minutes.
• Put baking paper in a tray, whip the cocoa ice cream and caramel ice cream a few turns and put them in a rectangular shape, 1 cm high, the same width as the biscuits. Put it back in the freezer and solidify it, then cut it with a knife and place it in biscuits. While doing this, prepare the ice creams one by one so that they do not melt and freeze again. Melting ice cream can cause food poisoning. So your delicious Nogger will be ready.

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