Money Making Online Games

If you could win your life playing games, would you do that? This is absolutely possible and hundreds of thousands of people do this every year. However, your options are quite limited and may not be as much fun as you think. But if you’re still interested, read on.

Before I begin, I want to talk about a distinction between direct and indirect income in computer games. Indirect revenue includes non-game activities such as broadcasts, blogs and quizzes that are not derived from a particular game but can be included in any game. Direct income is a type of income linked to a particular game.

In the first 4 games, you can earn money directly through the main features of the game or you can earn money indirectly in other games. Here are the games that earn you the most money:

1.Team Fortress 2 & Dota 2

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is one of the Valve games chosen to lead the “cosmetics market” approach to income. The market itself is nothing new, but Valve’s strategy to control this market is definitely the reason why the game is so successful.

In short, cosmetic items make you look different. Some have a more beautiful appearance than others. Some items are so cool that some players agree to pay real money to get these items. So, by focusing on item exchange, you can trade what you have for other players’ money. This is allowed by Valve and even this is encouraged.

But there is more. Earlier this year, Valve announced that 90% of the items in TF2 were actually created by players. Thanks to the Item Workshop feature in the game, users can create models and ideas to be approved by the community. The successful ones are sold in the TF2 store, and the creators take a share in the profit

# 2: Second Life

Second Life is a unique social MMORPG game released about 10 years ago. The site has nearly 2 million members. You enter the game by choosing an avatar (three-dimensional character) for yourself. Second Life has a player-centric economy where you can earn real money. Everything works on the game currency, Linden Dollars. You can buy and sell real estate in the game, as well as create and sell content, clothes and gadgets. There are also many options in the game, such as organizing and hosting meetings and events, various shows, rock concerts and camping. For example, in the game, you have the chance to earn money even by sitting in front of a store and attracting customers to the store.

Anshe Chungthe is the first person to become a millionaire in the game, and the best part is that these coins can be converted into real money. So far, 250 million Linden has accumulated in this player’s account. In real life, this money corresponds to $ 1 million.

Some players buy play money for real money to save time. That’s why you can sell your excessive play money in exchange for real money on the LindeX Currency Exchange platform. Prices vary according to supply and demand, but we can say that 90 game money corresponds to approximately 1 TL. If you take a little time and show patience, you can earn good money on this game.

# 3: Entropia Universe

There is another MMORPG game on the same scale as Second Life. This game, formerly named Project Entropia, new name Entropia Universe, also has a real money-driven economy. This game is not entirely focused on the social world because there are real game items such as hunting, quests or crafts. Therefore, we can say that it is a more traditional MMORPG game compared to Second Life game.

The currency in the game is called Project Entropia Dollars (PED) and every 3 PED costs about 1 $. The interesting thing about Entropia Universe is that your PED currencies can be withdrawn directly into your bank account and you don’t need any intermediaries. Indeed, the Entropia Universe economy is a game that is directly dependent on real money.

# 4: Exodus 3000

This is one of the strategy games that makes money for players like Rune Scape.

In Exodus 3000, players are found after 1000 years. You witness the world becoming uninhabitable in the game. There was a huge disaster in the world and earthlings are looking for minerals with mars dollar to survive. There are three ways to earn Mars dollars: blasting volcanoes, looking for ruins, and attacking other players. When you exceed a certain amount, the dollars you earn are converted into real money and you can get your money. The game is both easy and fun, and you have a chance to make money.

When you become a member of the site, you earn $ 5000 as a welcome bonus. 300 thousand mars dollars are equivalent to 20 dollars in cash.

Indirect Money Making Games
E-sports games, which constitute the competitive wing of video games, have been incredibly popular in recent years. There is a place for everyone in the world of e-sports, which has a huge economy of about 1.5 billion dollars besides a massive audience and players.

As a professional player, you can join an e-sports team and gain sponsorship.

You can earn advertising income by broadcasting games on channels such as Youtube or Twitch.

Or you can earn valuable pieces in the games and sell them to other people.

In this section, we have compiled the 20 most ideal games for those who want to earn money by playing games. We will show you how you can earn money by playing these games.

If you’re ready, let’s start!

# 5: Counterstrike GO

Valve’s Counter Strike CS: GO game was released in 2012. A huge audience of CS series around the world has already shown interest in this game as well. Although 8 years have passed, CS: GO is one of the most played games in the world even today.

In the field of esports, many CS: GO tournaments are still held every year worldwide. However, we can say that this game, which can be considered as old, will start to be replaced by games such as PUBG and Overwatch, even if it is very slow.

Counterstrike GO offers a wide range of earning opportunities for game lovers, from in-game equipment sales to account sales, live broadcasts to tournaments.

# 6: PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most bomb game of all years in open world survival based war games! Based on the logic of being the last survivor or last team, PUBG is played with great prevalence in our country and in the world.

PUGB, which has many features that change the dynamics of the game constantly, such as jumping to the desired place with parachute, starting the game unarmed, and escaping from the blue area that takes life, is a game that is held in the most e-sports world and is held in the e-sports world.

It is possible to earn money in various ways thanks to the game that young and old and everyone cannot handle. Here are a few of them:

7. League of Legends

Riot Games’ free and multiplayer war game LoL is one of the most cult games ever. Moreover, his cult has not reduced his popularity. Leaving many similar games on the market thanks to role-playing, tower defense and real-time strategy elements, LoL is not a simple game, although it is free. On the contrary, for this game where hitting, healing, equipment, and weapons are extremely advanced, the League of Legends world championship is organized every year with an award of 2 million dollars.

In addition, by playing this game, which has a huge audience, you can publish your videos on Twitch or Youtube and you can earn advertisement and sponsorship income through these channels.

8.Dota 2,

which is an easy to learn and hard to master game, is one of the most popular multiplayer online war games in the world. Dota 2, which works with the logic of victory by choosing one of the more than 100 characters on the battlefield using its unique features, organizes dozens of tournaments annually. It should be noted that the Dota 2 International tournament awards nearly $ 30 million annually.

9. Hearthstone

The game, also known as Heroes of Warcraft, is basically a card collecting game. In Hearthstone, developed by Blizzard, the goal is to fully collect a series of cards and complete certain missions. Another goal in the game with two people is to reduce the “health” of the other party to zero.

10. Rocket League

Released in 2015 and still not coming with a new version, Rocket League is still one of the best-selling games on Steam and still quite popular in the esports arena.

Rocket Leage, if we say a car game, we wouldn’t say anything wrong. Rocket League, which is a game based on trying to put balls into the castles with crazy vehicles in futurist stadiums, offers a great viewing pleasure especially when played by professional people. In the game held in the World Cup, the last one million dollars was awarded the grand prize.

11. Call of Duty

There are several versions of Call of Duty, one of the best known of the classic war games developed by Activision and Infinity Ward. As a soldier, you try to win victory in the game, which has different versions with first, second and even possible third world war themes. Especially the multiplayer version is a highly addictive CoD, a cult game that has a lot of tournament about local and global level.

12. Fortnite

Fortnite holds a special record, with 7.6 million people playing simultaneously in early 2019, according to data from the game’s producer firm Epic Games. Fortnite, which broke the record of 3 million people playing on PUGB simultaneously on Steam, is among the favorites of war game lovers with its bright and pleasant visuals, magnificent construction system and clear game modes.

In the first world tournament of the game, released in 2019, Kyle Giersdorf at the age of 16 earned $ 3 million from the $ 30 million prize pool!

13. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

StarCraft2, where real-time strategy is greatly implemented, is a game where constantly award-winning tournaments are held. We can say that the multiplayer version of StarCraft 2, which is regarded as one of the best strategy games ever, sweats pro players who say “me”.

14. Smite

Smite, a massive audience and fan base worldwide, is a multiplayer online battlefield game. In Smite, which has been shown as the best game of its genre by many game critics, players give life to gods in Ancient Greek, Roman, Indian and Chinese mythologies. Each player controls one god and prepares for battle in other gods.

15. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Very few games use anime images, except for games like Fist of the Northstar and Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure. Dragon Ball BizarreZ is also a production translated from Akira Toriyama’s manga series to anime and from anime to game. This game, which is about a war between apes, androids, humans and aliens, makes this game one of the most important games of the e-sports arena.

16. Overwatch

With its visual design resembling cartoon characters, Overwatch proves that war and conflict games do not necessarily have a dark and haunted atmosphere. This game developed by Blizzard is similar to Team Fortress 2 in many ways. With attack or defense-oriented game modes, colorful and interesting characters, and amazing levels, Overwatch is truly an exquisite game.

It is also worth noting that Overwatch is quite diverse in terms of game mechanics. For this reason, Overwatch World Cup is organized every year for this game, which has a solid place in the e-sports arena.

17. Clash Royale

Clash Royal, which is also played on mobile, is a solid game with a mass of 5 million hours watched worldwide last year. It is possible to find plenty of breeze from tower defense and card game types in Clash Royal, which contains a piece of all game genres. You can browse the video above to understand the logic of the game, which is also played by popular Youtubers on Youtube.

18. The King of Fighters XIV

One of the longest running games of SNK, The King of Fighters’ team-based, 58-player, crazy-effect 14th game offers incredible gaming experience and viewing pleasure. We can state that it is very difficult to master this game, but as the experience gains, the pleasure from the game increases as well. Even if we cannot see it frequently in e-sports tournaments, it should be noted that SNK organized world championships on this game.

19. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

As the name suggests, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, which is a mobile based game, takes place in the paths and forests against real opponents; It incorporates the dynamics of basic online multiplayer war arena games such as tower defense and team attack.

20. Free Fire

Free Fire, played on mobile, is a third-person action game inspired by PUBG in a nutshell. Free Fire is a game where 50 players fight as a team or individually on an island full of weapons and equipment, and the last survivor triumphs.

21. Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11, produced by NetherRealm Studios, is the latest game in the legendary series. With the time travel feature, the game’s animation and graphics, which have a very different element such as going back to the past and changing the current time and fighting against their opponents, are improvements in the attack, defense and defense mechanics; ninjas, gods, monsters … So we can easily say that Mortal Kombat 11 is the best game of the series for now.

Mortal Kombat 11 is also played in tournaments supported by the production company under the name Mortal Kombat Pro Series.

22. Arena of Valor

Developed by Tencent and TiMi Studios, Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battlefield game. In the game, which has three different modes, players fight for 15 minutes on average in different matches and try to destroy each other’s towers.

23. Samurai Shodown

The original Samurai Shodown is a game from the 1990s. The game, which took place in feudal Japan, can be considered as the ancestor of Street Fighter and Tekken. Samurai Shodown, in which the game mechanics in its most recent version is highly developed, won the title of Evo game in 2019 and is supported by SNK World Championship.

24. Street Fighter V

Street Fighter maintains its title as one of the most accessible games even for people who do not define themselves as “gamers”.

The game, which we can summarize as the fierce fight of two people, is a classic that all game lovers should definitely take a look with, sonuke, sonic punch and other mind-blowing attacks.

As a result, Street Fighter V is still a bone mass game, even if it is overshadowed by other games in the e-sports arena. In the tournament held on the Capcom Pro Tour, approximately 600,000 dollars were awarded last year.

25. Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is a cult game where the father and sons try to kill each other like the other games of the series, and the DNA of the deceased changes and turns into eggs.

Although Tekken 7 is known as a single player game, it can also be played as a multiplayer. With its three-dimensional structure, slow motion graphics and legendary effects, Tekken 7 is still a game that is still alive. In Tekken World Cup, a reward of $ 200,000 was distributed last year.


There is no guarantee that you can earn income from all of these games. Do you want to make money by playing games? You need to spend a lot of your time so that you can earn money while enjoying it. You may be hearing stories of people who earn thousands of lira each month, but they are an exception. Never forget this!

Are there any other games t

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