Making Money with Yandex TolokaMaking Money with Yandex Toloka

After Google, Yandex Tolok our country, which is one of the most widely used search engine Yandex Want to save money after the tasks you do on the search engines? It is also very attractive to earn money by completing the given task correctly by completing the instructions. Mission fees are given in Dollars and then transferred to your Papara account in Turkish Lira when you want to withdraw your money . Although there are usually small fees of $ 0.01 to $ 0.10 , you have a good profit here. In field missions, the system pays at higher limits.

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What types of tasks are there in the Yandex Toloka system and how are they done?
Yandex TolokaThere are two types of task areas in the system. The first one is the tasks performed with the web browser that you can complete through the website, and the other one is the field tasks. You may be asked to do different small jobs in tasks performed on the web browser. For example, it shows you two different records of a website page and asks you to determine if there are any significant changes. Or it shows a search query and asks you to determine which category that query belongs to. In field missions, it shows you hundreds of institutions in your city and asks you to identify the entrances of these institutions. Of course, this institution asks you to take a few photos and some other information about the institution taken before the institution.

Browser Tasks

Yandex TolokaThe system has tasks you can do from your web browser on your computer or mobile phones. These duty fees are usually between $ 0.01 and $ 0.10. It is good to answer both easy questions and pay the fee right away. Assuming that on average, it is $ 0.05, it is a lot of success, and it gives 1 dollar in return for 20 missions in one day. If we convert this to Turkish lira at the current rates, it makes about 5 liras and 65 cents. Every day you earn this $ 1, a guarantee of $ 30 a month, in which we earn more than $ 100 a month in our trials. It is entirely up to you to assign higher paid duties to you. If the tasks you have done are high and your scores in these tasks are high, higher paying tasks come in the future. In our experiment, there were times when only 1 task yielded $ 0.50 and $ 1.

Browser Tasks Examples
You can learn how to do some browser tasks given in Yandex Toloka system and how much money you can earn here.

First, that the logic of the highest earning money from the version of Yandex Tolok ” Ridiculous Results on MapWe want to talk about the task ”. With this task, you earn $ 0.05 for each page you complete. In other words, approximately 0.30 Turkish lira on 1 page. When the task comes to you and you perform the tasks correctly, at least 10 pages of tasks will come. This means that 10 × 0.05 = 0.50 Dollars. You can complete a page in about 2 minutes. Therefore, you can earn more than 3 lira in about 15 – 20 minutes. There are five addresses on each page and asks you to confirm the name and address information of the workplaces in these five addresses. It gives you the link to yandex maps and google maps to ensure the accuracy of the information. All you have to do is to go to google maps link to check the correctness of the information in the address to make it the easiest and fastest.

The instructions for doing the Nonsense Results task on the maps are as follows;
“When doing the task, based on the information given, ‘Is there really any institution with all this information?’ to answer the question. The institution card consists of the following main items:
3.telephone (if any)
5.web site (if any) media page (if any)
10. Transition links to Yandex and Google search results.
11. ‘Ruler’ tool to measure distance. “

“When doing the task, based on the information given, ‘Is there really any institution with all this information?’ The question should be answered.
The important thing is whether this institution really exists. If there is an error in the building or house number on the card, and sometimes in the street name, but the correct location is in one of the nearby buildings (up to 300 meters difference), the institution card should not be considered ‘absurd results’. If you can say, “There is another institution at that address”, you should give the card the value of “such an institution is not possible / absurd results”. “

Yandex Toloka Field Tasks

To make money from field missions with Yandex Toloka , a smartphone where you can download the Yandex Toloka application and take photos is enough. When you enter the Toloka application on your smart phones , you will see the task titled “ Identifying the corporate entries ”. When you enter this task, you should see the ” Instructions “”And an option to open the map. After opening the map, you can choose the nearest or most suitable institution and set out to do the task. If you are not available that day, you can reserve it for a while so that someone else does the task by clicking on the Reserve option. Field missions pay more attractive than other missions. Starting with at least $ 0.10, a single institution entrance detection can be $ 1 depending on the location. After completing the task in accordance with the instructions, all you have to do is wait for the task to be approved. Once the task is approved, your money will be credited to your account.

Yandex Tolok to ing Cash

Yandex Tolok system withdrawals on in Turkey is a very positive situation for members of a structure. There are four types of withdrawal methods for users who want to withdraw their money in Yandex Toloka . The first is to withdraw money through ” Yandex Money “. The second method of withdrawal is the method of withdrawal via “ Paypal ”. The third method is the withdrawal method through ” Skrill “. Last and most important and easiest method for withdrawal from Turkey members are also ” Papara ” through the withdrawal method. Papara Turkey very much into account both in terms of cutting the processing fee as well as a quick payment system.What is Papara and How Is It Used? You can find more information about Papara in our article.

Now let’s look at the Toloka system with Yandex’s comment
Yandex.Toloka is a service where you can earn money by completing the task.

Tasks can be done on the web version and on Android and iOS mobile apps.

Tasks in Toloka are published by customers. In the tasks, various questions can be asked such as “Which document is most suitable for the user’s query?” Read the instructions to answer the questions correctly. You may encounter clues in some missions. Thanks to the tips, you can find out if you understand the task correctly.

Scripts, robots, etc. to answer questions. should not be used. Otherwise, your account in Toloka will be blocked.

Completed tasks are checked. The skill is evaluated according to the control results.

Customers determine the duty fee. You can transfer money in a variety of ways, depending on your country.

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In addition , we add a new feature to our site to make more money with toloka . After that, if those who want to make money through this system leave their e-mail addresses in the comments section, we will send you notifications when the most money-saving tasks come. We will send you notifications when tasks with a minimum fee of $ 0.05 appear. Therefore, do not forget to write your e-mail address in the comments section.

Yandex.Toloka Turkish Pages

The fact that the Toloka system has Turkish infrastructure is an extra plus. While you need a foreign language in many other sites where you can earn money, you can earn money here thanks to Turkish language support without needing any foreign language . You can review our page titled “The Importance of Learning English” that we wrote to address the importance given to language .

Yandex Toloka Cheat and Tactical Alert
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