Making money on the internet is now easier

By | 18 Haziran 2020

Websites that want to increase their advertising revenues share their earnings with users, thereby opening an additional income gate for those who use the internet frequently.

Logging in to some sites on the internet increases the rating of that site, thus increasing the advertising revenues. Sites that want to increase their ad revenue also share their earnings with users. Many users earn money from daily transactions on the virtual environment. Sharing their income with users in order to increase their advertising revenues and attract more visitors is an alternative for those who want to earn additional income. In addition to those who want to make money, they can reach their goals by surfing the internet, clicking on ads, reading e-mail, and there are many different ways of earning. The name of money making methods such as surfing the internet, clicking on ads in the literature, ‘Affiliate Marketing’means that the affiliate (brokerage) is done online.

One of the systems that make the most premium in internet trade in recent years, ‘Affiliate Marketing’ offers the opportunity to make money on the internet to anyone who wants, while also making great profits for product or service owners. The methods used by the users to benefit from the internet and at the same time to earn money without expense are as follows:

Win by completing a questionnaire on the Internet

While research companies used to help the people in the street to fill in the questionnaires in order to collect data, with the development of the internet, they stopped paying the survey companies and found a way to reach people more quickly with the global and effective aspect of the internet. Internet companies, which now conduct public research through the internet, pay users for this.
When it is calculated that the duration of the survey varies between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, an additional income can be obtained by working one hour a day. However, income increases automatically as time spent on the internet increases. In addition, the longer the survey period, the more money the survey gives. For example, an average of $ 10 can be earned from a 15-minute survey, while an average of $ 25 can be earned from a 20-minute survey.

Making money by viewing a

website Google makes money by logging into its own site or by searching other sites for ads on Google. While Google is a search engine that gets advertising for its site to be displayed with money and establishes itself with these money, it is now considered as the best example of making money from the internet as a company. Internet users who want to make money by viewing the website can become a member of the sites that do this job and earn money by clicking on the advertising links on the site and watching them.

Earning by watching

advertisements The development of internet advertising leads to the emergence of systems such as earning money by watching advertisement videos, and after the membership process to the sites related to the subject, points are earned by following the advertisements, these points can be converted into money later. Publishers distribute a certain part of the fee they receive from advertisers to those who see ads, and only sites designed specifically for advertising;

Sites that Pay Per Click: When you enter and register on these sites, private links are displayed by logging on specially. After clicking these links and waiting for a certain period, a certain amount of money is deposited into the account according to membership.

Sites That Pay Per Read: When registered with these sites, some e-mail addresses are sent to the e-mail addresses periodically and a certain amount of money is deposited when the entire advertisement is displayed.

Sites Paying Per Link: In these sites, the links they provide to users are clicked into 3 groups as earning sites.

Earning money by clicking on links

to e-mails The e-mail accounts owned by millions of internet users around the world are provided with the access of their own advertisements with links thrown by advertisers. Although most Companies do this illegally, there are also companies that pay in return for viewing and clicking on the ads they send. After subscribing to many sites that perform this type of linking, earnings are earned after clicking on the links to the mail. As this process is not reliable on every site on the internet, it can carry risks such as not being paid despite displaying advertisements and closing their sites after 1 month.

Internet fraudsters try every way

On the other hand, while the internet offers different opportunities to those who want to earn additional income, fraudsters who want to take advantage of those who do not have a systematic command can take their place in the virtual world. Fraudsters are involved in losses by stealing many users, a user account on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, stealing collaterals that are shown or deposited by means of internet, phone, mail, etc.

Companies that can withdraw money from a person’s account without permission may deceive the victim on account of a security risk in their account information by making a serious email or phone conversations with a serious official. E-mails filled with free promises, anti-virus advertisements, additional files contained in them or addresses brought by links can also contain malicious software. With these software, fraudsters can steal passwords from computers. It can make victims of users.

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