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I know that you have heard, watched or read many advertisements, articles and rumors about making money on the internet.

And I am sure you have also noticed that all the articles and videos written on the methods of making money from the internet are not how to make money from the internet in a real long term and healthy way.

It is rather absurd, has no sustainability, and does not add you experience and knowledge to improve yourself.

On top of that, under the promise of making money, it consists of inefficient methods that do not really make money online silly mobile applications (step by step, earn money, etc.) trying to comfort and satisfy you with very large amounts.

Yeah nonsense!

You will understand what I mean better when you write money on google online and browse all the other content and youtube videos on the first page.

However, this article will be much different than other monetization articles and videos on the internet!


In this article, I will talk about the most guaranteed methods that you can get the healthiest results for making money on the internet!

In this article, I guarantee you 2 things!

1-The internet money making method I listed below will also consist of the healthiest and most guaranteed methods that you can really make money online.

2-And this article will be the most profitable article you have ever read!

Blogging: This is the method I use to make money online the internet. In fact, thanks to the income I obtained from my blog, I left my full-time job in 2016, where I worked with a white collar, and since then I have only been doing this job.

I earn my life from my blog.

There are many ways and methods to make money by writing a blog. I explained what these aspects are in my article titled making money by writing a blog. There are also screenshots of the earnings of people who earn 10 thousand liras from the blog in the article.


There is also a monthly income of 10,000 lira by writing a blog, 50,000 lira. Both in Turkey. How do I know? I had the opportunity to meet and make friends with all these people through my blog.

No matter what the subject you are writing is, as long as you do quality work, I can say that it is absolutely guaranteed to earn money from the internet by writing a blog. For example, it is only mentioned how and how much money travel blogs make.

So there are hundreds of different topics and categories that can be written on. If you want to open a blog to make money on the internet, you can take the first step by following the article titled How to open a blog. I have already explained every detail.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid. Because blogging does not require any technical knowledge or coding knowledge as you think. You can manage your blog just like using a word, excel program. In today’s technology, opening a blog is much easier than you think.

In addition, by opening a blog, how to earn money from the internet before starting from scratch, setting up a blog, taking it to the top of google, and opening a blog where I explained how I earned the ad revenue from the visitor from google, and earn 100 lira per month by writing a single article. You can also see the article titled.

Whatever I have done from 0, I tell you step by step without jumping any point, by using the method I have told you, passively (i.e. spending only 2 weeks, writing and dropping) with a single article 100 lira and above a month, and 5 years 5 thousand You can dig up to 7500 pounds or more.

If you can not find a topic to write, if you think I have no idea, you can look at my article titled blog ideas. You can also review the blogs I listed in my articles below in terms of getting feyz.

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