make money online ,Set Up Web Site

Hello everyone, today we will start our monetization series by building a site together with you. I am sure you have heard from your surroundings, friends, you are making money by building a site now that you are making money by building a site, this is true, but how much is earning, as you know, the websites are making money in more than one way. Let’s start with the service, the name adsense, this system is known as youtuber and the system that makes the most money for websites. The first thing you do in the section should be to find an idea, because if you do not have a good idea, I would suggest you never go in. If your idea does not satisfy you and you are entering, you will waste money. s you. As I mentioned above, the idea is important, so if your idea is good and original, you can move on to the second part, so you can start building a website.

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