make money online 2020

I know that you have heard, watched or read many ads, articles and rumors about making money on the internet .

And I am sure you have also noticed that all the articles and videos written on the methods of making money from the internet are not how to make money from the internet in a real long term and healthy way.

It is rather absurd, has no sustainability, and does not add you experience and knowledge to improve yourself.

On top of that, under the promise of making money, it consists of inefficient methods that do not really make money from absurdly mobile applications that try to comfort and satisfy you with great amounts (step by step, earn money etc …).

Yeah nonsense!

You will understand what I mean better when you write Google to make money on the internet and browse all the other content and youtube videos on the first page.

However, this article will be much different than other monetization articles and videos on the internet !


In this article, I will talk about the most guaranteed methods that you can get the healthiest results for making money on the internet !

In this article, I guarantee you 2 things!
1- The 35 ways to make money on the internet, which I listed below, will also consist of the healthiest and most guaranteed methods that you can really make money from.
2- And this article will be the most profitable article you have ever read !

1- By Writing a Blog: This is the method I use to make money from the internet. As a matter of fact, thanks to the income I obtained from my blog, I left my full-time job in 2016, where I worked with a white collar, and since then I have only been doing this job.

I earn my life from my blog.

There are many ways and methods to make money by writing a blog. I explained what these aspects are in my article titled making money by writing a blog . There are also screenshots of the earnings of people who earn 10 thousand liras from the blog in the article.


There is also a monthly income of 10,000 lira by writing a blog, 50,000 lira. Both in Turkey. How do I know? I had the opportunity to meet and make friends with all these people through my blog.

No matter what the subject you are writing is, as long as you do quality work, I can say that making money on the internet is absolutely guaranteed. For example, it is only mentioned how and how much money travel blogs make.

So there are hundreds of different topics and categories that can be written on. If you want to open a blog to make money on the internet, you can take the first step by following the article titled How to open a blog . I have already explained every detail.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid. Because blogging does not require any technical knowledge or coding knowledge as you think . You can manage your blog just like using a word, excel program. In today’s technology, opening a blog is much easier than you think.

In addition, by opening a blog, how to make money from the internet before starting from scratch, setting up a blog, taking it to the top of google, and opening a blog where I explain how I earn ad revenue through the visitor from google, and earn 100 lira per month by writing a single article. You can also see the article titled.

Whatever I have done from 0, I tell you step by step without skipping any point , by using the method I have told you , passively (i.e. spending only 2 weeks, writing and dropping) with a single article 100 lira and above a month, and 5 years 5 thousand You can dig up to 7500 pounds or more.

If you can not find a topic to write, if you think I have no idea, you can check my blog titled article. You can also review the blogs I listed in my articles below in terms of getting feyz.

2- Youtube: Yotube, which is one of the most popular methods of making money from the internet in recent years, is also a medium where you can earn real income.

A YouTube channel called Ruhi Çenet Videos has announced that it has achieved a total income of over 500 thousand lira on adsense ads only through youtube (from 2013 to 2018).

Of course, this figure is only the tip of the iceberg. Normally youtube adsense ad revenues do not even correspond to 20% of the original revenue. The main point that makes money is the viral advertisement of these brands in the videos in cooperation with the brands.

For example, what viral studies? Can you give an example?

Again, the viral advertisement works I found to give you an example on the same youtube channel are as follows;

1- For example, starting from 4.11 minutes of the 48-hour video in Hong Kong, “Unfortunately my camera ended up on the hill. Fortunately, the LG G5’s replaceable charging battery was next to me ”and the LG G5 was probably advertised virally, with a visual charge of the battery replacement.

2- Another possible advertisement work is in this video. From the beginning of the video to the 7th second, the company was advertised. 3.54 of the same video. Starting from the minute, another advertisement about the movie was processed, telling details such as the film’s vision date and subject.

3- In 3.39 minutes of the video titled 3 ideas that will double your mind age, the bundle was probably advertised.

4- In the following video, at the end of the video, the probable advertisement of max youtube star, where the owner of the channel was also jury since 4.35 minutes, was made.

5- Again, in the question-and-answer video, the channel owner probably advertised McDonald’s with the product placements he made while answering the questions frequently asked by his followers.

These are possible examples of advertising that I found only in a short research. You can find thousands of advertising examples similar to the examples I have given in these and such famous youtube channels.

So how much money do such big channels make from viral ads?

In the mailing I shared as a screenshot below (it would not be right to explain the name), there is the price I received from a game channel with 2 million + subscribers. The price requested by this channel for the promotion of 90 – 120 seconds game was 15 thousand liras + VAT.

So we can draw the following conclusion from these two mails; When you have 500 thousand followers on YouTube to make money on the internet (this is at least for game channels), you can earn 4 thousand lira for any game you promote.

If you also select YouTube from all this from the internet ways to make money and if you want to proceed down this path, owner of one of the Ruhi haven of Turkey’s biggest YouTube channel I gave the example above with YouTube to make money from the internet I would recommend surely you follow the tutorial videos. Everything is explained in this guide.

3- By Making a Website: It is possible to earn money from the internet by establishing a website for companies, businesses or individuals. You don’t have to be a developer to make a website. In fact, these works have developed so much that now you can do everything with clicks. No technical or coding knowledge is required.

For example, take a look at how to set up the website. In this article, I explained how to set up any kind of site structure (e-commerce, company, blog, news, forum, advertisement, real estate, hairdresser, photography etc.) that you can think of. They all sit on the same foundations.

In other words, you can learn how to build a website by following the article I mentioned above, and you can make money from the internet by setting up a website for your friends, environment, and acquaintances and then by developing and marketing your business further.

I know hundreds of people (through my blog) who have applied this method for making money on the internet, and I know that they make very serious money.

4- Instagram: Instagram is one of the most valid answers to the question of how to make money on the internet.

The influencer, in other words, the accounts that have the power to influence and direct on the followers, do not make money from the internet IM-KAN-SIZ!

Look, I’m not talking about selling. Among the ways to make money from the internet in many places, the recommendation is given by selling on Instagram, but it is a completely different method I mentioned. Of course, making money by selling on Instagram is also a method.


Accounts that share the real money as an influencer win. There is also the winner of 3500 pounds per share in Turkey, 10 thousand pounds and the winning numbers above. In my article titled How to make money from Instagram , I explained in detail how these influencer accounts earned these money , by which method, where and in what amounts .

5- Dropshipping I don’t know if you heard this term before, but we can say briefly and to mediate it in its simplest terms.

Logic works as follows; You are selling the products of an e-commerce platform that provides service worldwide, or anywhere else in the world.

In other words, you buy a product sold in one market and sell it in another market. Of course, while doing this, you sell the product first, after the sale, you supply the product and send it to the person who bought it from you.

Therefore, you do not have to make any investment to make money on the internet by doing this job. You can enter this job at a cost of 0 and you do it online, from where you live.

It is not such a labor-based business either. I can say that it is a work based entirely on creativity and intelligence. It is possible to earn thousands of lira from the internet for months or even years in exchange for a single idea and only one hour of labor.

# How exactly is this job done? Can you give us specific examples and numbers?

# Of course I can give it because I did this job in time and I made very good money from this job.

Let me tell you what happened to me. How did I get into this business? How much money did I earn? What have I done?

When I first started bodybuilding in 2009, I saw that many of my friends and people used supplements and supplements such as protein powder, which they advised me to use.

Of course, I started to investigate where such products are sold, how much are they sold etc. At that time, I never forget that the Optimum brand whey was about 3 pounds of protein powder at a price of 170 pounds .

Of course, I also researched how much these products were sold abroad. I even did a very detailed research that I came across a site called .

Here at iherb, it is an e-commerce website that sells many herbal and natural products from food supplements to organic lollipops, natural shampoos, omega 3 – zinc pills.

Anyway, I looked at the optimum whey protein powder at that time for $ 35 on this site. It included a total of $ 55, including cargo. (Which was also delivered by DHL fast. It came from America within 1 week at the latest)

Of course, at that time the dollar was around 1.45 – 1.50 TL. Turkish lira was also equivalent to a figure of 80 lira at that time. I will stop, where is 170 TL (TR price of the same product) 82 lira where … I immediately passed the order.

When passing the order, iherb asked me to enter the shipping address, ie the address where the cargo will be delivered. I entered, of course, but in the next step, he asked me to enter a billing, in other words, the address to which the invoice would be delivered, and at that moment I was hit by lightning.

What did I say, can I enter the shipping delivery address separately, the invoice delivery address separately? Can the two be delivered to separate addresses? So then I bought over the internet from where I sit down each of these products in Turkey …

All I have to do is take the pictures and product information of the products I want to sell from iherb and put them in gittigidiyor.

If the product I put in gittigidiyor is sold, I buy the product from iherb with my own credit card, I enter the address of the person who bought the product I put in shipping, i.e. the cargo delivery address, billing, that is, I enter my own address in the billing address.

So the product comes to the buyer and the invoice to me. The product will be shipped by iherb to the person I am selling at gittigidiyor, it reaches it in 7 days, when it arrives, the person who made the purchase confirms that the product has reached my hand from gittigidiyor and transfers the money to me in gittigidiyor.

I said no, it can’t be that simple, you are definitely missing something Burak…

Making money on the internet can not be that easy. No, if it is really that easy, if there is no problem with the system I thought in my head, if it works flawlessly, I said to myself that there is someone who has thought of it before me and does it.

Then I never forget my opinion, I shared it with my first father. The first thing he says is; My son, people are stupid? He said, “Why would they buy a 160 TL figure that you would sell while you could buy them for 55 dollars from abroad?”

I said, people do not research abroad, that the father usually only looks at the prices of Türkyie. That is nonsense, as you said, how many people are there, people are researching in general, or paying double the amount is great idiocy.

Of course, although my father devastated my enthusiasm, I gave this job a chance because of the cost of trying it. (I would take the product pictures and information on the bottom and open an advertisement in gittigidiyor)

# The strange thing is that I already got the first order the day after I posted the ad. I received an order for 160 TL from Gittigidiyor, and I went to buy the product from iherb for 80 liras , I entered the address of the person who bought it from the shipping address (shipping address), and I entered my own address in the billing (invoice) address. The order reaches the buyer after 7 days, and he gives the confirmation and 160 TL was transferred to my account.

There is no problem with the products, the system is working properly and I;

I was earning a figure of 80 lira per order. It took me 2 minutes in total to do all these transactions online. It is only 2 minutes after the order arrives to fulfill my duties regarding the order.

To make 80 lira money over the internet in 2 minutes .

# I never forget that as a student of the university, I started making money in the amount of 1500 – 2000 liras a week .

There was only one problem at the beginning that when I received an order from gidididid, I was passing the order to iherb with my own credit card and it took 7 days to get that money back (the cargo reaches the buyer and the buyer approves). Within these 7 days, many orders were made and I had no money to pass the order.

Then I knocked on my father’s door again. I said father like this, I did not raise money that you broke my enthusiasm, did you say that it would be such a job … And I asked my father to borrow money to return this process, thank you he helped seeing sales etc. 🙂

Although I earned such good money, 1 or 2 months after I started this business, the government banned the supplement products, such as protein powder, from passing through customs in individual purchases, and with that prohibition, my business was also destroyed.

Of course, once I make money from this job, do I quit when I enjoy the money? Does the customs issue prevent me? No way.

As for the customs ban on the product I sold, I changed the products. I started to sell products from Ebay, amazon, using the same method. It was there every hour, when I bought hairpieces from China-wide sites and sold them at gidididid.

Even staying for a while why I thought that after only limited Türkiye’il

I purchased a since Turkey banned the passage of customs from the supplement-style product I in other countries where there are these prohibited items I bought from iHerb continue with it I thought to buy these products again to the whole world through eBay.

At the time, both from the intensity of the lessons, from the increase of my competitors, and by predicting that this job would not be a very long-term job, and with my interest shifting to more topics such as establishing websites and opening a blog (which is much more long-term and more I thought that I would leave these trade works at some point and concentrate on my own blog and website building projects.

Summary of the work, with dropshippig, you can get serious provisions for making money online. Of course now, in response to your question on how to make money on the internet, the dropshipping method may make sense with my experience mentioned above and you can start to investigate this issue in more detail.

I would like to mention that while doing research on the internet (about dropshipping), many training videos about how to do dropshipping etc. you will meet with the person who gives.

To me, all these training videos, programs, etc. are money traps. So I suggest you stay away. If you want to earn money from this business, i.e. dropshipping, you should find out which product to buy from which platform and on which platform.

Here your intelligence will come into play. The more clever you are, the more creative you are and the less competitors you have in the area you focus on, the more likely you will be to be successful.

# It is up to you to evaluate what kind of products within this framework, but your logic to think about how to do the job should be as follows;

1- and Turkey to both the product of an e-commerce site that serves the world in Turkey and all over the world serving in an e-Trade Platform (such as eBay) or another country only on an e-commerce site serving the domestic market of that country sell.

2- serving all over the world e-commerce platform to sell their products only in e-commerce platform about serving in Turkey.

3- To sell the products of an e-commerce platform serving all over the world on another e-commerce platform serving all over the world.

4- Selling the products of an e-commerce platform serving all over the world on an e-commerce platform serving only in the local market of a country.

6- By Writing an E-Book: Stop! Do not bypass this method immediately. Is it easy to write a book? This method has been compressed into ways to make money from the internet so that it looks like it is full.

What am I going to write an e-book on? Where will I sell even if I write? Let’s find a place to sell, how will I market….

Don’t think!

# Be sure to read what I wrote because I will really tell you how to make money on the internet with this method.

Because I know one of the road maps that will bring you 100% success in this business and enable you to earn serious money from this business.

For example rotas pilgrim road stories do not know if you heard of this book before the book but entered the bestseller list last year in Turkey. It sold hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions.

So how did such a selling book come about?

The person who wrote this book, Mehmet Genç, is starting to travel long before leaving his job in 2010. After 4 years, he opens a blog called route-free traveler to share travel notes.

He explains all the experiences he has gained from his travels on his blog, to the finest detail and he starts receiving traffic (visitors) to his blog via google with these detailed and high quality articles.

It also activates social media accounts at that time. The number of articles he writes every day is increasing, and the articles he writes are starting to appear in top positions on google.

Every day more and more people are reading their articles, and many people who come to read their blog articles on google are also following themselves on social media through social media buttons presented with the slogan follow on their blog.

– The readers of his blog find thousands, tens of thousands, and millions after hundreds of thousands . Of course, the success achieved with his blog is reflected in the proportion of his blog, and the number of his followers on social media is 700 thousand , the number of followers on Facebook is 300 thousand and the number of followers on YouTube is 100 thousand .

 When you write an e-book or book after such a success, you already have a mass that you will be marketing and converting to a certain sale.

It is also very easy to sell to such a ready-made audience that you have created, and with the first sales you make to this audience, you gain an acceleration in the name of marketing, and if the book you write is really quality and interesting, the first audience you sell increases your marketing momentum by recommending you to others.

For example, let me continue with another example, an example from myself;

I have not made any money from the internet with this method until today. However, I am a blogger who has successfully completed the 2 steps I have mentioned above. Therefore, after this point, making money from the internet by writing e-books is not a dream for me, it is a business idea that is 100% success guaranteed and can be realized very easily.

I also definitely have such a plan. One day I will write an e-book if I find time from my projects.

And I am sure that it will sell thousands of pieces.

Let me tell you how I am sure and how to sell it.

This blog that you are reading right now, namely, is a blog consisting of SEO (google top ranking), wordpress (site management software) and site building articles.

I have been actively producing content on this blog since 2014, and thousands of people visit my blog every day as a result of my content on google results.

With the content I wrote, I have been able to make thousands of people open a blog and hundreds of people to succeed in this business, and earn serious money from this business, thanks to the articles I have written.

In fact, I also have many followers who are seriously making money on the internet by writing blogs and resigning from their jobs and doing this job full time (just like I did). (Both on social media and my mail subscriptions)

In such a case, if I write a detailed e-book about how I achieved this success, or about going to the top of google, or by doing what I have written, who are successful and who make serious money from this business or blend all 3 subjects together,

And if I sell it on my own blog, I’m sure thousands of people will buy this ebook that I have written, which will give me the opportunity to not get a serious financial income from this business.

What these two examples show us is what I mean;

– The way to make money from the internet by writing e-books or books is definitely a business idea that provides some serious income, but this business idea is definitely not the first step to be taken .

In fact, the quick man summarized in this article very well why it is not the first step, if it should not be, you will fail very well and how all your efforts will be wasted.

If you want to make money on the internet by writing e-books, in order to be successful in this business, you need to successfully exit the steps that come before this job.

If you can go up to the e-book level without falling in the first steps, then you can bend this business and earn serious income from the internet by writing e-books.

So what are the steps of this work?

1- You should decide what to write e-books on. This can happen on any subject. Mother – child / father – child relationship, diet – weight loss, maritime, travel, fitness, business life, etc. can be anything you can think of.

Do not think that I do not have a specialization area or enough knowledge to convey to people on any specific subject.

That’s the good thing. When I started blogging, I also had very little information about getting to the top in google. However, I made researches over time and compiled the information I obtained with the researches I made in my blog posts and presented them to my reader.

To write a blog, I first identified the topics that I was really interested in and wanted to learn. Then I made in-depth research on those topics on the internet, especially in foreign sources, acquired information and wrote this information that I learned on my blog.

So I learned it myself and taught people. You can do just that. So the subject you choose does not have to be your specialty. You do not need any knowledge on that subject. You can only blog on a topic you want to be an expert of, really interested in, you want to learn.

2- After choosing the subject, you should open a blog that is closely related to the e-book you will write. I have a series of articles on how to open a blog where I compile all the necessary information about opening a blog . You can use the guide I have given in this regard.

On the blog you open, you should exchange information rather than your own thoughts, ideas or stories.


You should produce content that will respond to what people are searching for on google, so when people do a search that is closely related to the content you write on google and you come across your blog, click on your blog content and read your post. Thus, you will start to build your first audience as a blog visitor.

3- You should produce really high quality content on your blog and you should go to the top in google with the content you write. There are also many guidebooks on these topics on my blog.

4- You should also transform this organic visitor traffic you receive from Google into subscribers with your subscription forms and social media follow buttons.

In other words, the posts you post on your blog are below, above, next to, etc. you will place the follow buttons of your social media accounts. In this way, people who like your articles and frequently visit your blog will start following you on social media with these buttons.

5- After reaching your target audience, you should create a really high quality e-book consisting of very special information that you have not previously included in your blog, and you should sell this e-book on your blog and sell it to the audience you have already created.

After you have successfully climbed these steps, you should write an e-book or a book so that you have an audience to market this e-book and your idea of ​​making money from the internet by writing an e-book will not be a dream but turn into successful sales figures.

That’s all really…

7- By Filling the Questionnaire: By filling the questionnaire that I do not want to suggest, but by the nature of this article, how to make money from the internet, I fill the questionnaire to make money on the internet.

This method, as the name implies, is an online business where you can earn money by subscribing to the survey sites and completing the surveys these sites send to you online, which is quite simple and everyone can do.


Is it really possible to make money by making money from this internet? What is the potential to monetize if possible? Can you give a number?

Yes it is possible. You can even earn 2000 dollars a month . “Abart abart… Blog is 2000 summer 5000 summer .. Write as much as you can write, the higher the number, the higher the potential of people’s appetite.”

Don’t think. It is not really my intention.

As I said at the beginning, this method of making money is a method that I never really want to suggest, but I think that it should be included in the methods I wrote in terms of writing saturation, and therefore I feel compelled to write.

I think this method is a serious waste of time ;


1- The work you do has no contribution to you: You do not have any knowledge or experience by completing the questionnaire.

You are constantly doing the same job, learning nothing from the work you do, blinding your creativity, your ideas, and even blocking more of your time for this job, and preventing other potential works that will contribute to you and your future.

2- In order to earn money, you have to constantly strive to ensure the continuity of the work and to spend time on this job. When you earn $ 1000 a month, to earn $ 1000 in the following month, you have to spend a lot of time and effort during the month by completing many long surveys.

3- How long can these jobs be? So will the existing survey sites exist after 5 years or 10 years from now? How long can you continue this job? What will you do if these jobs end one day and you need to turn to alternative jobs?

Well, you have already spent 5 years just by filling out the questionnaire, without learning anything, improving yourself, blinding your ideas, as it does not contribute to you due to the nature of your work. What will you do next? You will return to the point where you started with zero knowledge and zero, and you will have to start from scratch again.

If I were at your place, I would use my precious time by investing in other methods I mentioned in my article on making money from the internet, such as blogging. (which I do too)

But… “No bro, what do you understand? I will do this as an additional income, even if I earn something 3 – 5 is enough for me. If you say pass your information ”

In my article titled “Making money by filling a questionnaire ”, I explained in detail how to make money on the internet in this way. You can check my spelling.

8- From Google Ads: This method is one of the most known, applied and guaranteed methods among the ways to make money online by far.

90% of the sites you visit this method of making money on the internet are implementing. Keep it from Ekşi on news sites, forums, blogs, etc. In short, almost every site in every category applies this method.

In fact, this is the main source of income for most of these websites that I mentioned about making money from the internet with google adsense.

Yes … As you can deduce from the above sentences, you need to have at least one blog site to make money with google adsense.

Opening a blog is not such a difficult process that requires technical or coding knowledge. By following my blog, how to open a guide, you can get yourself a domain name like and set up your blog professionally.

OK. Let’s open the blog to open what is google adsense? How does it work ? What is its logic? Is this a way to make money from google? If you have questions like this, I have explained in detail the logic of this, how google ads work, in my article on making money from google . You can check my spelling.

But if I need to summarize briefly; Google has two legs for the advertising service. Google adwords and Google adsense. Google adwords is for advertisers, and Google adsense is for advertisers.


# Let’s say an e-commerce site that wants to advertise on google to increase book sales, it prepares an advertisement banner (image, banner) called “50% discount in books” and transmits it to google adwords and says it to google Show me my ad banner on all websites with books related content.

And if the potential site visitors who read that content click on my ad shown in the book-related content of these sites, I will pay you 0.50 cents per click.

Then google gets this ad and gives this ad to all its partners, google adsense members (i.e. websites) with book related content on google adsense platform, and these ads start to appear on these sites.

People who visit the book related pages of these sites also receive a book discount ad for this e-commerce site. If these people click on this ad and visit this e-commerce site, site owners receive a large portion of the e-commerce site’s pay-per-click fee to google adwords. (70%) The remainder remains as a profit share as it mediates google.

Of course, google does this automatically. In other words, google gives ad codes to google adsense publishers after publishing first and adds these ad codes wherever website owners want ads to appear on their site, and google does the rest. While the book ads given by people through google adwords appear in the content of the site related to the book, mobile game ads appear in the content related to mobile games.

The simplest explanation is this way. If you have more detailed, mind-blowing questions, see my money making article on the internet with google on the top.

Anyway, let’s continue…

Of course, I said you should have at least one blog site at the top, but don’t underestimate the concept of blog site. Today in Turkey, there are also a lot more celebrity news and forum site visitor traffic from blog sites very large area.

I also have a lot of blogger friends and followers who make very serious income from their blog with google adsense. Nor are the figures to be taken lightly. There are also 5 thousand lira winner per month, 10 thousand lira , even 20 thousand lira winner …

Doesn’t it sound believable?

Yes… I even came to you with direct screenshots. Here you are;

For example, let me share the daily google adsense earnings of a blogger friend’s blog in the travel industry. Let’s even examine this screenshot together;

making money from the internet with google ads

Online Monetization from Google Ads

If we talk about the data of the screen shot that my friend sent, that is, the day before the day he sent;

The page views under the Performance tab appears to be 15,900 . In return, the “Yesterday” section under the estimated earnings tab appears to be 144 TL .

In other words, the content / pages of the blog with google adsense ads reached 16,000 impressions in total and in return, it earned 144 TL . So this blog had 144 TL income from google adsense ads the other day.

Do not confuse the number of views mentioned here with the number of visitors. A visitor may have viewed a page 3 times, or may have browsed other content of the site and visited 3 content in total. Impression does not refer to how many people the page was shown to, but how many times it was shown in total.

In 15,900 page impressions, there were 66,200 google adsense ad impressions in total (there can be more than one google adsense ad in one page / content.)

Of the 66,200 adsense ad impressions, only 169 clicks were made by visitors. This shows that only 1.06% of the 15,900 impressions turn into clicks. The earnings from each click were 0.86 TL. As of the general average, when this impression is hit, the average earnings of blog pages per 1000 impressions are 9,11 TL .

Earnings are seen as 989 TL in the last 7 days and 3790 TL as of 28th of March. In other words, we can reach the following conclusion from this data; This blog earns an average of 4200 TL per month from google adsense ads.

The overall average of the screening rates is 1.5 per visitor . So a visitor visits an average of 1.5 pages / content on a blog. If the daily number of impressions is 15,900 , we can say that the number of daily visitors for this blog is 10,600, let’s round it out 10,000 people.

In other words, if your blog is in the travel industry and 10,000 people visit your blog daily , you can earn passively 4200 lira per month without doing anything from google adsense ads, just by adding these ads to your content, without moving your finger.

For example, let’s look at the google adsense ad earnings of another blogger friend’s blog in the education sector;

How to make money from the internet with google adsense ads

Make Money From the Internet with Google Adsense Ads

If we talk about the data of the screen shot that my friend sent, that is, the day before the day he sent;

The page views under the Performance tab appears to be 93,700 . In return, the “Yesterday” section under the estimated earnings tab appears to be 253.60 TL .

In other words, the content / pages of the blog with google adsense ads reached 93,700 impressions in total and in return, it earned 253.60 TL . In other words, this blog earned 253.60 TL from google adsense ads the day before.

In 93,700 page impressions, there were 473,000 google adsense ad impressions in total (there can be more than one google adsense ad in one page / content.)

Of the 473,000 adsense ad impressions, only 2004 clicks were made by visitors. This shows that only 2,17% of 93,700 impressions turn into clicks. The profit of each click was 0.12 TL . As of the general average, when this impression is hit, the average earnings of the blog pages per 1000 impressions is 2.71 TL .

Earnings are 1330 TL in the last 7 days, and as of 28th of March ( 5320 ), it is 5320 TL . In other words, we can reach the following conclusion from this data; This blog earns an average of 6000 TL per month from google adsense ads.

The overall average of the screening rates is 1.5 per visitor. So a visitor visits an average of 1.5 pages / content on a blog. If the daily number of impressions is 93.700, we can say 62.400 daily visitors for this blog, let’s roll 60.000 people.

In other words, if your blog is in the education sector and 60,000 people visit your blog daily , you can earn 6000 lira monthly income without doing anything from google adsense ads, just by adding these ads to your content, without even moving your finger.

Of course, as you can see, an average of 4000 liras is earned in the travel industry with 10.000 daily visitors , while in the education sector , an average of 6000 lira is earned with 60,000 visitors daily .

Well, although the difference in visitors is 6 times , the income is only 1.5 times. Likewise, the click averages are noticeably noticeable.

# From this, it turns out that there is no clear answer to the question of exactly how many visitors to earn for a business idea of ​​opening a blog and making money on the internet with google adsense. Earnings differ from industry to industry.

However, I should also note that I have many blogger followers focused on many different categories / sectors. Therefore, I know from my followers who followed up my blog, established their own blog and achieved success in this business.

# I can say that the education sector is one of the least profitable. It may even be the least. So we can draw the following conclusion from here;

Regardless of your blog, which focuses on the category or sector, I can guarantee that you will earn at least 2000 lira per month passively from your blog with 20,000 daily visitors, just by adding google ads to the content on your blog.

9- By Coding Themes and Plugins: I will tell you about a way that you will not have to work for the rest of your life with a single project among the methods of making money from the internet.

So much so that I say with all my sincerity, this is my dream job.

If I did not have my blog and other website projects, I am sure that I would start making money on the internet in this way.

Because I say by far that this is the most profitable job you can do to make money on the internet . The gains are astonishing…

Noluyo ya .. What is the plugin theme? I don’t know yet.

Let me explain immediately;

Theme: The most preferred site in the world are ready-coded designs for wordpress (see what is wordpress ), which is the installation and management infrastructure.

Plugin: Additional packages that fulfill the missing functions for wordpress infrastructure. You can think of it as an additional patch. For example, when you want to install a reservation system on your site, you can install a wordpress plugin that will perform this function.

Of course, right at the bottom, what exactly is the theme? What will it do?

Anyway let’s continue;

Let’s say someone wants to set up a news site, blog site, real estate site, e-commerce site (or any other category site) but doesn’t have any coding or technical knowledge.

There is a site setup method for people who are in this type of situation so that they can set up and manage their sites in the most professional way without the need for any coding or technical knowledge. (This is also the most preferred method in the world)

This method works as follows; people first buy a hosting and domain (see how to get hosting and domain ) and then install a cPanel management system on this hosting and domain

It establishes the wordpress infrastructure on the hosting and domain address it receives over cPanel, and after this point, it purchases the wordpress theme that is necessary for that site structure and is on the market and installs it on the site.

Footnote: In the meantime, there are many articles on my blog that describe the site setup with this method. For them, you can look at my articles: building a website, setting up a blog site, building a wordpress site, setting up a news site, setting up an e-commerce site , social establishing a media site, establishing a personal website )

Think like this; Let’s say you have a restaurant, firm, construction company, real estate business, outpatient polyclinic, lawyer office, etc. (think of any business you can think of) and you want to build a site for it.

For dentist polyclinic, there are themes that are coded visually and functionally in the most suitable way for dentist polyclinic site design or real estate site design for your real estate business.

Here, people buy such themes and upload them to the websites with the wordpress infrastructure they have installed, and they create site designs with clicks from the management panels of the themes.

Of course, in this way, people can easily realize their dream site designs and functions thanks to themes.

This method is the most popular method in the world because even people who do not have the slightest idea of ​​building a site with this method can have a professional site exactly as they want.

Therefore, since there is a serious demand for this method, people who know the coding languages ​​are also coding ready-made designs, namely themes for design and functional site ideas that people have in mind in order to turn this demand into money and get a share from this sector.

They also offer these themes and plugins for sale at themeforest or codecanyon , the largest theme and plugin market in the world.


When you go to Themeforest from here, when you click the wordpress tab at the top and select the best themers from the sort by option on the right side, 502,200 pieces of the wordpress theme since 2012 (since 2012) you will see it.

How to Make Money Online - Coding Themes and Plugins

Internet Monetization Methods – Coding Themes and Plugins

The selling price of this theme is $ 39 . Of course, the theme coder gets 70% of this figure per sale, while the themeforest takes 30% as a commission. So the earning per sale of the theme encoder is $ 27.30 . When we multiply 502,200 sales with a sales price of $ 27,30 ;

We can clearly say that this theme encoder has earned 13 million 700 thousand dollars so far. With the Turkish lira, it is over 75 million liras.

Of course, this is the top point of the business. We can think like this;

The average sales figure of a theme you code and put on sale at themeforest is roughly $ 50 .

If you deduct the themeforest commission, the amount to be paid is $ 35 per theme sale . If the theme you code with these figures sells 1000 units , the amount you will earn corresponds to a figure of 35,000 dollars .

Of course, if it sells 2000 units, it is 70.000 dollars , if it is 4 thousand dollars , it is 140.000 dollars . Believe me, these figures are 1000, 5000, just below normal sales.

So it is not a dream to reach these sales numbers. As long as the theme you are coding, the design is liked, and it will attract people’s attention both functionally and designally. So get quality.

The good thing is; These markets are worldwide markets. So potential customers not only limited with Turkey. You are selling all over the world, and as such, your target audience is huge numbers and your income is in dollars .

Wherever you are in the world, you can manage this business from anywhere and do this job once , the digital product you have created passively for years is on sale. In other words, even if you do nothing for years, you are constantly making income from your theme, which is passively sold every day.

Of course, the same is true not only for themes but also for plugins. Once you go to codecanyon and click the wordpress option from the top, when you select the sort by section as the best sellers , the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin, which ranks first , is 378,900 , and the 2nd ranked Slider Revolotion plugin is You will see that it has sold 310.500 units to date.

The sales figure of the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin is $ 49. The author’s income is 70% of this price, so the author of the plugin gets $ 34.3 for each sale of the plugin he encoded. 378,000 units of sales correspond to a total income of 12 million 965 thousand dollars .

Truly enormous numbers…

The future is really on the internet.

Currently, the number of add-ons on sale in codecanyon is around 6 thousand and the number of themes on themeforest is around 12 thousand . In fact, these are low figures for a worldwide market.

In other words, I think that the low number of these figures still creates a serious opportunity for those who will enter this business. I also know. I also constantly pressure my sister studying in engineering to learn coding languages ​​like php and get into this job.

I have also shown these figures to him that he has already realized the potential and he is seriously thinking of turning to this business.

So how do I do these things… Even the unv I read , these works are relevant, I know how. It was not a department related to engineering.

Do not worry,

They don’t teach any of the coding languages ​​like php, css, js in the section he read to my sister. In order for him to get into this business, he has to learn these coding languages ​​himself.

So you have no loss. A large part of the people who do these jobs have already learned these coding languages ​​with their own efforts.

You will do so to you. Of course, you need to know English first. If you don’t know, you should learn English first, then you should step into these jobs.

Then, you can find hundreds of training videos about php, css, java script on both udemy and youtube .

First, you should watch these videos, learn these coding languages, develop yourself, practice constantly, and produce projects, albeit small.

Of course, after you come to a certain level in this business, you will receive a very serious rate by coding an add-on or theme that will complete a function that people demand but do not get the full value of, by converting all your efforts into income.

10- Domain Exchange – Domain : The domain name is the website names, i.e. such as . Of course there is a fee for purchasing a domain address. This fee is approximately 30 – 35 TL annually.

This is a billion dollar market. Many domains have been sold over thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You do not need any technical knowledge to buy and sell domains.

Domains are no different from a physical or digital product. When you buy a domain name, it is registered worldwide and nobody else can use it unless you sell it.

So where can we get the domain name and how can we sell it?

For my purchase: see my articles about the cheapest domain companies and how to buy a domain name . With the discount link in the articles, you can get a domain name you want with the .com extension from the world’s largest domain company for 5 lira per year.

For Sale: There are many methods and markets for selling the domains you buy ;

You can sell the domains you bought at the # Sedo domain buying and selling market.
You can sell your auction method through # Godaddy Auctions (paid). (This is a very popular method)
# If you want to sell your domain name in Turkey’s market just as I , Natrona Domain Name Market or wmarac over – well, you can bring out webmaster forums like r10 sales.
# Best hosting companies in Turkey have a shared hosting company located in one of the titled spell can host unlimited domain hosting packages can take. (you pay a maximum of 200 TL per year) and you host all the domains you have bought in this hosting package, and create and publish a single page advertisement page (this domain name is for sale) for all your domains.
# Or even if you do not do anything, if you give the correct contact information (phone, e-mail address) that you provided while purchasing a domain name, someone will reach the contact information you provided when they question who owns the domain name you received and if it wants to buy your domain name, it will reach you by this way.

11- Opening a Niche Blog: I opened a blog named to create a practical example for making money from the internet by writing a blog before.

I published a single post on this blog and went to the top of the search terms I target on google. (For example, when you search for “best foreign TV series” words, you will see that it is in 3rd place on google.)

Right now, this blog receives 1200 to 1500 visitors a day, so it is read and this blog is now making 100 to 300 TL per month.

And in the article titled I earn 100 lira per month by opening a blog and writing a single article , how I set up this blog, how I wrote the article, how I got to the top in google and how I earned money, starting from 0, exactly the same, one by one! Step by step ! I told them by not jumping any point, pointing to the point, to the comma.

In other words, by following this article, you can start with 0 information, follow all the steps one by one and set up a niche blog like this blog and put your thought of making money on the internet into action.

I also present this blog to a person who read my article by lottery. If you are reading this article before August 2018, you can also participate in the drawing from the drawing section in the article that I gave the link above.

12- Udemy: If you have some knowledge or talent that you can teach people, you can take video lessons and sell these video lessons on Udemy for a fee.

If you are looking for ways to make money online on the passive way, you can earn serious income through Udemy by giving online video lessons, which is one of the most guaranteed ways to earn money online for those who do their job .

Visit Udemy (at this address) and review what kind of training sets are available in which categories. In this way, you will have a brainstorming leaf idea about yourself on which subjects you can take, as well as how much money you can earn by seeing how many people are registered to the lessons given .

13- Upwork: You have heard the term working as a freelancer before. Here, I want to work as a freelancer, but for those who ask how to find a job and how to make money on the internet, Upwork is one of the best answers.

Upwork is a freelancer platform that brings together employers and workers in many different subjects (digital business areas) and works with hourly wage method.

If you have a medium or a little bit of English, one of the most valid and guaranteed methods to make money on the internet as a freelancer is Upwork.

So what kind of work is there in this market?

I can say any subject you can think of in digital field. For example, when I went to the upwork site, selected Find Jobs from the top and searched for Turkish, I came across hundreds of job postings.

ways to make money on the internet - making money on the internet - upwork job search

Upwork job search (how to make money on the internet)

# A company was looking for someone who speaks Turkish for video chat applications who would test their applications and report their opinions as Turkish user comments. They set a budget of $ 50 for this job.

# Another company was looking for a writer to write Turkish content about mobile games, and they had a $ 20 budget for this job.

# Another company was looking for both male and female partners, whose native language is Turkish, to speak Turkish. They did not specify a specific budget for this project, but depending on the size and working time of the project (they say it is less than 10 hours), you can make an offer.

For example, another company has announced that it is looking for long-term working partners, whose customers will answer their questions via live chat connection, who are in Turkish, whose mother tongue is more than 6 months, 30 hours a week.

All these job postings I mentioned are in the picture below. (Likewise, by searching Turkish in the same way, you will see similar possibilities.)

Making Money Online - How to Make Money Online - Upwork works for Turks

Upwork works for Turks (Making Money Online)

Of course, not only for Turkish but also when we think in terms of global job opportunities, you have a very high chance of finding job opportunities (except English), which do not require any skills or experience (except English).

It is possible to earn money at the computer with upwork, with simple job opportunities such as Excel, word, powerpoint, data analysis, data entry, etc. As an example, as I have shown in the picture below, the simple job postings I found are as follows;

# For example, a company was looking for someone to watch and comment on the 2-hour children’s series video that it offered for sale in amazon, and it allocated a $ 10 budget for it.

# In another ad, someone was looking for someone to create and edit their linkedin profile professionally, and he had a $ 300 budget for it.

# A company was looking for someone to transfer their data from one system to another. They even put the ad title as the easiest job in the world. After reading the explanation, it is understood that the work to be done is quite easy.

Internet Money Making Sites - Computer Money Making - Upwork other sample ads

Upwork Other Sample Ads (How To Make Money From The Internet)

Upwork commissions: Upwork receives 20% commissions from the money you earn, to a total of $ 500 in business purchases, 10% in business purchases of $ 501 – $ 9,999 and 5% commission in purchases of $ 10,000 or more.

Upwork recruitment tips: After signing up, be sure to complete the basic level tests made by upwork on your chosen specialization areas and make low-priced bids when bidding for business purchases at first.

So try not to make money at first, but to get positive comments for your upwork profile. After many positive comments on your profile, you increase your price. As you are a high profile employee in this way, it will be possible to get a job at a high price and start making money on the internet.

14- By Selling Backlinks: If you hear the term backlink for the first time and say that this is a precise technique, a detailed subject and you want to skip this method of making money directly from the internet, you are missing a great opportunity.

Do not do it! Likewise, this method is the most common and easiest method applied in the name of making money from the internet in Turkey.

First of all, let me briefly explain what the backlink means: Backlink is the link given from one site to another. For example, every text you see in this article in orange is the link I give to other sites, that is backlink. (ex: google )

Backlinks have a very important place among google ranking criteria . One of the points that Google considers as a criterion in determining the ranking of a site in google results is how many different sites, ie backlinks, of that site.

Therefore, a site needs a backlink to rank high. While this need is sometimes natural, that is spontaneous (backlinks in my article is a natural occurrence for the site I give backlink.) Sometimes it is created artificially. (So ​​for a fee)

Here, if Turkey on the internet and get your site backlink very familiar natural formation as the housing sector does not dominate the focus is very difficult.

For awareness, people see the top ranking on google first. They want to get backlinks to go up in Google.

For this, they apply to the artificial way, that is, they contact the sites they want to get backlinks, agree on the fee and get backlinks from those sites.

For example, let’s say you have a travel blog visited by 2 thousand people a day . All websites in sectors such as air ticket – car rental – hotel reservation – agency – bus ticket – organization that want to appear in the top ranks in Google searches will want to get backlinks from you.

Because you have a blog that produces content that is closely related to the subject they are focusing on, and because this blog has 2,000 readers daily, it has a certain awareness.

# The companies in this sector will contact you and ask you to either write a new post from 0 for them and link them out (give backlinks) in this post or link them out from a relevant post you have already written on your blog.

# A travel blog with 2,000 readers a day in the industry demands an average price of 150 to 300 TL for a single backlink. When you go to a daily audience of 10 thousand people, this price increases to 1200 – 1500 TL .

# In other words, the stronger your blog is, the more it is known and the more it is read, the higher the backlink value is in the eyes of google. Therefore, in a backlink that has a high value in google’s eyes, it makes a high value in money.

Imagine, the prices I mentioned are only for one backlink . If you make 3 – 4 deals like this (even these numbers are few), you can get serious returns on the internet to make money. (Likewise, many famous travel blogs take these comebacks)

Don’t just think of it as travel blogs. If you have a make-up blog , many websites in the cosmetics industry, If you have a technology blog, many websites in the technology industry will want to get backlinks.

In other words, many companies in the same sector will definitely want to get backlinks for any blog topic or idea you can think of.

Of course, in order to make money from the internet by selling backlinks, you must first have a blog and this blog must be read by at least 500 people daily. Opening a blog does not require technical knowledge or coding as you think. It is now possible to set up a website or open a blog with clicks.

The best blogs of Turkey Situated in the list is almost what the programmer nor the web designers all blog owners. Or owners of the best personal blogs – food blogs – travel blogs – makeup blogs . If you don’t believe me, ask them.

For example, I have explained in detail how to open a blog, what to do after opening a blog, and how to get to the top (google) with the blog you have opened in my blog .

Likewise, this blog you are reading now produces articles on these topics. So any articles you need are available in my blog.

15- Fiverr: A platform where people offer their digital production and talents for at least $ 5 . What skills? Can you open a little more ?

Productions such as Animation – Video Intros – Logo Design – Poster Design – Infographic Production – Translation – Advertising & Marketing – Art & Entertainment and almost any subject you can think of.

If you have a little more than medium level English, one of the platforms where you can get the best results for making money from the internet is Fiverr .

You too in Fiverr  You can produce a product in any field where you have the ability, and you can take a serious step to make money from the internet with your ability. Of course, the more creative you are, the higher your chances of selling your products and making money online.

If you do not have any talent to offer for sale or a digital product that you will produce, you can receive training on the subject you want with online video training on youtube or Udemy , improve yourself and develop your production on this subject.

16- Viator: If you have any foreign language that you know very well, you can earn money from the internet by guiding tourists to your city for all kinds of touristic activities you can think of via viator.

What you need to do is very simple;

You enter and create a membership and write all the details about the private tour – activity service (such as what the activity will be, number of days, places to visit, places to eat, options, prices – you can look at the examples here and there -) After you enter your city and other posting details, you publish your advertisement.

Your advertisement is also displayed on the viator by potential tourists who want to come to the city you are in and want a special tour or activity guide to accompany it, and if a tourist is interested in the private tour – activity guidance you provide, they also buy your service. (purchase is made via viator)

After you meet with the tourist (s), perform the services you promised on the viator, the tourist (s) confirms that they have received the service through the viator, comments on the service they receive, and then (after confirmation) the fee paid is transferred to your account.

Whether this method really works for making money from the internet or not has already been registered by me. Title. Together with a friend, we created a private tour guide service via viator in Ankara and took an Indian tourist to tour Beypazarı. We gained 100 lira per person from the service we provided at that time.

Likewise, when you go to viator’s site and search for Istanbul, you will see many private tour – activity announcements and thousands of evaluation comments made only for Istanbul.

Although this is a physically done job, I wanted to add it as a way of making money from the internet, as the customer resource is internet based.

If you live in cities such as Istanbul – Antalya – Izmir – Mugla, if you have an advanced foreign language that you know and like social work, I would definitely consider this method of making money from the internet.

17- Article Writing: If you do not want to deal with establishing a blog or website in any way, but you still want to make money on the internet by writing, you can do this by selling the articles you write.

However, I must say that from the outset, the article purchase in Turkey serious internet  has turned to selling garbage.

So much so

The market value of the money paid for the 100-word article you wrote is 1 TL. In other words, when you write a 1000-word article, the fee you will receive is 10 TL . When you write an article with 10 thousand words, it is a funny figure like 100 TL .

It also requires at least 1 week to write a quality article that requires 10 thousand words of research. Give a week and earn 100 TL…

And another negative aspect of the work is,

To make money, you need to produce constantly. So after you write and sell the article, you earn money, but this money has no continuity.

You have to make productions from 0 over and over again to win. This requires enormous effort in terms of sustainability.

My advice is;

Instead of trying to sell your articles for funny figures in such a cheap and trashed industry, you should open your own blog and publish it there.


The person / site who bought the article from you does the same thing. He publishes a 1000-word article he received from you for 10 TL on his website or blog, and passively earns maybe 50 liras a month from your post. When we hit this for 5 years, this figure corresponds to 3000 TL.

While you are earning 10 liras, the purchaser earns 3000 lira just by doing nothing in 5 years by just posting the article on his blog.

If you are going to do this, earn what you have the right to. In this way, I say to those who mediate, do not earn money on your labor.

For example, in my article , making money by writing an article, I opened a blog, and by writing a single article, I explained step by step how I earned at least 100 TL per month.

If you have articles in mind, but how do I open the blog and how do I find a reader, don’t worry. You can find answers to all of these questions by following this article step by step and you can easily earn these numbers on your blog by writing an article.

No, I am willing to pay 10 lira, and I do not care about the money earned from me.

You can sell your articles on sites like wmaraci – r10 – bionluk – sadeceon . You can find customers by posting on these forums and shopping sites.

Alternatively, you can earn serious profits in the long run by setting up an internet site or by opening a blog on the article trading platforms I have given above, and publishing it on your own blog / site.

How To Make Money From The Internet - Make Money From The Internet - Article Writing

Make Money From the Internet (Article Writing)

18- By Selling Photos: Is it a passion to take photos for you? But what if you have the chance to turn this hobby that you do with passion into an additional income?

Here is another method which is one of the most valid ways to make money on the internet, is to market your photographs to the world.

You can do your favorite job and earn money online.

The 2 biggest markets where you can sell your photos are iStockPhoto and Shutterstock . You don’t have to go anywhere else anyway.

Of course, you will face serious competition in these markets. But believe me, if you want to make money online passively, one of the most valid realistic ways is to sell your photos in these markets.

If you can license your photos or sell them as stock photos, after the photos are available online, you don’t need to do anything additional to earn income from that sale.

19- Stock Music – Stock Video: It is possible to make money on the internet by making music, sound effect and video productions. There are even those who earn very serious money from this business.

Music has no language. A phenomenon that appeals to every language, every culture. Of course, this is an enormous opportunity to sell to the world and earn dollars. If you have the equipment and skills to produce music, you can put these productions on sale through platforms like Audiojungle .

You can record all kinds of sounds that you can think of (such as laughing sounds, baby sounds, crowd sounds, devices – traffic sounds, nature sounds) and sell them for $ 1 – $ 2 dollars.

In addition, for cartoons rather than recording, menu – button sound effects, futuristic sound effects, game sound effects etc. for phone applications. You can make productions like, and you can also sell them.

In addition, when you think about production, you can make music on the internet by making music productions in different categories and selling on this platform. (Video intro input music – Cinematic – Classic – Electronic – Folk – Funk music etc.)

There are music producers who sell more than 170 dollars a week with music produced on the Audiojungle platform. This means a figure like 3000 dollars per week with approximately one production.

How to make money on the internet - make money on the internet - stock video

Stock Footage – Audio (making money from the internet)

Likewise, you can put your thought of making money on the internet by selling your stock video and stock photo productions through platforms such as Videohive and Photodune .

20- Set Up Your Own Site: Another option to make money from the internet is to set up your own site. Setting up a website no longer requires any coding or technical knowledge.

I have ready articles to set up a website and manage the site you set up. Wordpress comes first.

For example, currently, 1/3 of all websites in the world use this wordpress infrastructure. In my article titled What is WordPress , I mentioned in detail how WordPress is a system.

WordPress sites with established which of the major sites in Turkey titled You can also check spelling that use this infrastructure. Likewise, this site you are reading now also uses the wordpresss infrastructure.

I also have quite detailed articles about different site categories on my blog about site installations with wordpress;

  • How to Build E-Commerce Site
  • How to Build a News Site
  • How to Build a Forum Site
  • How to Build a Blog Site
  • How to set up a website on other topics and in different categories

So how do you make money from the internet after learning to build a site or by setting up a site? There are many methods for this. For this, you can review my articles titled “Make money from the blog – Make money from google “.

But think of it in the simplest way, if you have a website visited by thousands of people a day, this may mean that you have the power.

The power to steer thousands of people’s thoughts, actions, influence power. Its influence is always something that pays off.

21- AirBNB: Another one of the most valid, beautiful and socially active ways to make money on the internet is Airbnb . So what is this Airbnb ?

A worldwide functioning system where you can rent your home or a room of your home to potential guests. A system that was born as an alternative to the hotel and hospitality industry and received tremendous positive feedback, used by millions of people.

Of course, there are thousands of users in Turkey. You also Airbnb When you look at rented sites saw their homes as a provider of space for a lot of people who want to stay in Turkey or a room at the AcAksInIzdIr.

First, go to the site and look at the houses provided by the providers of your location and conduct a price survey. Then create your ad and be ready for potential guests from all over the world!

The higher you keep your hospitality, the more positive comments you receive from your guests, and the more positive reviews you receive, the more the potential guests rely on you will have the accommodation you rented.

22- Amazon Mechanical Turk: One of the methods, which is a little but self-confident and guaranteed, is the Mechanical Turk service of Amazon.

On this platform, Amazon makes the things that robots can’t do for a certain fee. You can get very comfortable work on this platform and earn money in return, with the intermediate level and a little below medium level of English.

So what kind of jobs are there? How’s the difficulty? How much money can be earned? Let me tell you right away. Let’s even go through live examples.

First of all, you go to and click the create a worker account button, fill out the membership information and become a member and confirm your amazon account within 3 business days.

Then, you can see the list of jobs that Amazon wants to do from the hit groups page and you can get the job by clicking the Accept & Work button for these jobs. (You can see in detail how it works from the Preview button.)

For example, when I looked at this list of jobs, I saw a job / task called “Extract purchased items from a shopping receipt”. Here, we were asked to separate the products purchased from us from the shopping receipt. When I click the preview button to see the detail of the job;

Ways to Make Money Online - Make Money Online - MTurk Hit Groups

MTurk Hit Groups (How To Make Money From The Internet)

I came across a screen like the picture below. If the desired job is to do, I do not enter the products purchased on the left hand side into the right hand side in the form of pieces, code, total price and unit price.

In return, it is said to pay $ 0.08 for 20 products I entered and in addition to these 20 products, an extra $ 0.01 will be paid for every 4 products I enter.

Websites that earn money - making money on a computer - MTurk Example

MTurk Example (Ways to Make Money Online)

As an employee, you have a daily limit of 100 hits in your first 10 days. After the first 10 days, this limit disappears. You also need to exceed 100/500/1000 hit limits in order to see more paying jobs.

Completed jobs (hits) must be approved by the employer by the employer. This confirmation can take up to 24 hours. After approval, the payment is reflected on your panel. You cannot request any payment within your first 10 days. You can request your payments after completing the first 10 days.

It is possible to earn about 100 dollars a month with 2-4 hours of daily working hours. The amount is small, but this is one of the simplest and most guaranteed methods of making money online. If you say enough for me, I would say give it a chance.

23- Sell Fiverr Products More Expensively: In the above, in the 10th article, I mentioned in detail what kind of system fiverr is.

Serving worldwide in Turkey can not benefit from such a platform is not just because the English are not even aware of a lot of people out there even such a platfrom.

Here, you can turn this situation into an opportunity and offer the services in fiverr for sale only on sites such as bion, wmaraci, r10, instagram, as if it were your own service.

What kind of services am I talking about ?: Everything you can think of digitally is actually. Video intro, logo design, cartoon drawings, charcoal portrait drawing, translation services, brochure design, photoshop arrangements, whether imported over all sorts you might like wedding invitations facilities and services that are fiverr, you can buy in Turkey markets.

Through Fiverr 5 – $ 10 digital services and products you put on your profits in Turkey, most likely you can buy. There are also people doing this job. You can do this as one of them to make money on the internet.

24- With Sales Partnership: Many companies apply affiliate marketing method to market their services or products over the internet. This is the most effective way for online marketing because it is aimed at direct sales.

The general partnership logic works as follows;

To the company sales partner; If you are an intermediary to sell a product, you send me a customer and that customer makes a purchase from me, I will pay you at a certain commission rate from the price of the product sold.

These rates are around 20% of the world average .

In other words, if you become an intermediary to sell a 100 lira product of a company, 20 lira of that 100 lira is paid to you by the company .

So what kind or which companies are selling affiliates?

this marketing method is not very common in Turkey (Turkish companies’ vision saolsun) almost every company that sells over the internet abroad using this method.

Thousands of companies from every sector you can think of such as Amazon, ebay, deal extreme, aliexpress, banggood, gearbest, focalprice, bestofferbuy, booking, expedia, airbnb.

So how is the sales partnership made?

The general logic is as follows: You apply from the affiliate page of the company you want to make a sales partnership with and if your application is accepted, the company gives you a reference link.

While you are marketing the products of this company, you give a link to this company with your reference link so that when the sale is realized, the company understands that the sale is realized through you and reflects your commission. (This system works automatically)

So how can you make marketing? There are only 2 methods for this;

1- In Writing: You will have a blog or a site and you will write the articles on this blog and market the products of these companies.

For example, let’s say you will market You open a blog for this. (see how to open a blog) and write articles on your blog that give hotel recommendations.

Let’s say you are going to market hotels in London. You are writing an article in London, where you can advertise in dozens of reviews such as the proximity of hotels to the center – customer reviews received – price etc.

For your hotel, you give a link to the advertisement of that hotel on with the reference link provided by booking. (as you can make a reservation for this hotel from the link below)

When your summer places to stay in London are high on Google, it starts to get visitors when it starts to appear in the top spots for people who search for “places to stay in London”. So your writing begins to be read by people.

Even if a visitor reads your article and clicks on the referenced link, you make a reservation for the hotel you recommend via, but booking pays you 25% of the profit you get from the sale you are your vehicle.

There are dozens of authoritarian travel blogs that use this method to make money online. Which makes very serious money with this method.

Or let’s say you are going to be a affiliate for amazon, dx or aliexpress. You can also write a detailed review of one of the best selling products on these shopping sites.

For example, you write a review of a drone that is sold on amazon, dx and aliexpress with all the details and at the end of the article you create a title called “where to buy the cheapest”.

Under this heading, you compare all 3 sites with their prices and say “You can buy it by clicking here” and add your reference link to the word.

Thus, if any visitor reads your review letter, clicks the reference link under the heading where to buy the cheapest, and purchases the product, you will also receive a commission at a certain rate from the sales price of the product.

Note: The customer does not necessarily have to buy as soon as the link is clicked. Even though it takes 30 days (or 60 – 120 days / varies from company to company) after clicking on the link, it is still reflected to you as a commission because you are the intermediary.

2- Video: Another marketing method is, of course, YouTube. For example it one of the best examples from there you can see in the video is located.

The video maker in the video concept orders products from china shopping sites and briefly promotes those products. In the explanation part of the video, I put the link where you can buy these products. (These links are referenced, that is, affiliate links.)

If a person who likes a product in the video and wants to buy the same, by clicking on the link in the description section, the video owner gets a commission from that sale.

Although I give 2 practical live examples, marketing is completely up to your imagination. It is literally possible to earn money from the internet with sales partnership by doing such marketing in hundreds of different ways.

25- Game Skin Purchase – Sale: If you have never heard of this method, it will be one of the most surprising ways to make money on the internet.

What does Skin mean: Skin is the designs that only add visual difference to the weapons or equipment in the games. Skins do not physically dominate the weapons or equipment in the game.

It only makes a difference in terms of visuality. For example, a normal design AK-47 in CS: GO game and a skinned AK-47 are functionally the same. So there is no difference in power between the two.

So, if there is no difference between them, do not think why people give money to the skin if it does not give any advantage! Believe me, there are huge sums of money in this business. The fact that Skin excels in ability or power also gives it a superior advantage over other players in terms of status.

So whether you show it rich, show off or help game makers, prestige, charisma or whatever you say, such a market has been created because the skins have such an effect on other players in the games and serious expenditures in this market It is done.

If you have played games like PUBG, CS: GO, H1Z1 (and many games) before, even if you have not played, you can make serious money by buying and selling gun skins through the steam market .

# The Think of it as the same stock. With a certain amount of capital, you buy skins for weapons used in games from the steam market when prices drop, and when these prices rise, you sell these skins.

Likewise, the steam market offers you price increases – decreases, trading volumes, lowest – highest trading price ranges, just like on the stock exchange, as a detailed graphic. You can also place automatic – buy and sell orders at the prices you set.

How to Make Money Online - Methods to Make Money Online - Steam Market

Steam Market (Ways to Make Money Online)

Of course, you cannot receive the money you earn in the steam market as a payment. Only that money is reflected in your steam account. However, you can buy a skin with all the money in your account and you can sell that skin for real money in outsourced markets such as opskins or bynoname .

Thus, you can realize your goal of making money from the internet by converting the digital money you earn into real money.

26- By Translation: If you know the language to translate professionally, I can say that it is guaranteed to make money on the internet for you.

I am sure that there are thousands of people who do this job but who cannot find the level of customer they want, or who want to do it but never find any customer. (Example: unv students)

Here I wanted to share the most known freelancer markets for those people, who want to make money from the internet by making translations, but who cannot find customers;

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Prozor
  • Peopleperho is
  • fiverr
  • Guru
  • Bionluk (TR)
  • ONON (TR)

27- Freelancer: This platform is one of the most popular platforms where you can find work by working independently in many categories such as upwork.

For those who ask how to make money on the internet, is another good answer. If you have English, it is among the most valid and guaranteed methods to make money on the internet as a freelancer.

Although there are more software-oriented jobs on this platform, you can still find jobs in many different categories. For example, there are also people looking for a tour guide, translation – dubbing – painter – accountant, even a vocalist for song translation / voice over.

Make Money Online - Make Money Online - Freelancer (How To Make Money From The Internet)

28- With Twentify: Twentify is a platform, a telephone application that enables companies to meet their market research and supervision needs independently with third parties.

You are the third person here. Let’s say a company with chain hotels across the country has gone up to the standards of reception / front desk service at its hotels. He wants to make sure that this is applied correctly in every hotel.

In such a situation, if this company contracts with a firm for auditing or creates its own auditors, there will be a serious cost. Instead, it contracts with Twentify, which costs much less.

On Twentify, individual individuals who are members of this system of audits, that is, through you, send you to the hotel of that company in the city where you are a secret customer and also instruct you what to control.

You also go to the hotel reception like a customer and experience the service provided and forward your experience to Twentify as feedback. On Twentify, he transmits this feedback to the company and pays you a fee for your service.

Thanks to this application, you can take your business and put your thoughts on making money from the internet with the works you take, for the control and marketing of firms (gsm companies, cosmetics companies, restaurants, etc.) for every kind of chain and wide network that you can think of throughout the country.

29- Buying Products in Online Markets: There are dozens of markets that bring buyers and sellers around the world. However, of course, selling to the biggest of these markets will increase your potential to earn money online.

So what are my best alternatives?

Of course, in order to make money from these channels, you need to research correctly. You can earn serious money on Ebay and especially Etsy .

I also know that there are many Turks selling in Etsy. That’s why I say especially Etsy. Because Etsy’s main target consists of products such as boutique dress, jewelry, wedding products, gifts. Which is one of the best places in our country.

By doing some research on what you can sell, you can list products in Etsy to make money online, export and earn serious money.

30- Twitch: is a platform where players broadcast live the game they are playing and watched by large masses and earn money while watching.

Twitch is an interactive and one of the most popular plafts, which allows people to broadcast like a television channel.

So much so that the monthly earnings of famous foreign publishers (in English) range from 50 thousand to 500 thousand dollars. In Turkey, this number is for over 50 thousand pounds for famous publishers. In order to make money on the internet, you can open a broadcast on this platform.

Publishers’ monetization resources on the internet are 2 main ways in this platform ;

1- People watching the broadcast donate to the broadcaster. These donations need not be for any reason. Some people just love the publisher, while others send messages to their donations and send the amount they have lost their hearts to read.

2- There is also a chat part of the broadcast. From this chat section, viewers interact interactively with the publisher. Of course, in chat, viewers subscribe to this broadcaster’s channel by paying $ 5 a month in order to have superior permissions than other viewers and to watch the broadcast without being restricted by the restrictions in the chat section .

Of course, broadcasts do not only consist of games. There are also publishers who make music, draw pictures, talk shows. But the main audience is always on the games.

If you are someone who devotes serious time to games in your life, you may want to consider becoming a publisher for making money online.

31- Uber: Although this method is a physically done job, I wanted to add it to the methods of making money from the internet since the origin and customer resource is the internet.

What is Uber: Uber is a private public transportation system that provides a platform for people who want to transport passengers with a vehicle owned or leased, to find customers.

My site works as follows;

After you sign up for the uber system, uber redirects you when there is a customer request near your location.

You also go to the address given by uber, take the customer and deliver it to the desired point. The customer pays the fee to uber and pays you a fee of 25% at uber.

The customer points out the service you provide after the travel experience and you have a customer satisfaction score with such feedbacks. (for both vehicle and driver) The higher this score, the higher your potential to find new customers.

When it falls below a certain rate, Uber ceases to cooperate with you. The requirements for being an Uber driver are as follows: medical report – criminal record – at least 3 years of driving license – being over 21 years old – the person has his own or rented vehicle.

Drivers who fulfill these conditions are subjected to a map test for the region where they are registered. The driver who fulfills the test and conditions is entitled to be the licensed driver of uber.

Although Uber is only used in Istanbul for now, it has a very large number of customers and it is possible to earn serious money with uber.

If you have the conditions to do such a job, I would definitely give Uber a chance to earn money online.

32- Bionluk: Bionluk , which is presented as a local alternative based on Fiverr , is another platform where you can get the healthiest results in order to make money on the internet.

In Turkey, thousands of users can translate that into a product, and you can put your skills into action again via this platfrom you want to make money on the internet.

If you want to make money on the internet only through platforms like ON, bion, fiverr, if you have a little English, I would definitely make your choice for Fiverr .

The reason is simple;

  • Max. While you have the potential to sell to 50 million people, this potential goes up to 2 billion people in Fiverr.
  • You also earn in Fiverr in dollars while earning in TL for domestic enterprises.

33- Sadeceon: Another alternative for making money on the internet is OnlyOn . As soon as you enter the site, you will understand what kind of platfrom I have.

Yes, another native version of Fiverr .

In this local initiative based on Fiverr, it is among the healthiest platforms to make money from the internet. If you do not have enough knowledge of English to do business from Fiverr , you can alternatively try your luck to earn money online at sadeceon.

34- Appen and LionBridge: When you did any search on Google before, did you come across results that are not closely related to your search? And did you say “What relevance”?

Even though search engines like Google use powerful algorithms to deliver the correct result to their users, sometimes machines can also make mistakes. In such cases, such errors must be detected and reported by real users and corrected as a result of these notifications.

You can put your money on the internet into action by researching predefined search queries through platforms like Appen and LionBridge andproviding feedback for results based on their relevance.

Of course, for this you need to know intermediate level English. If such sites for Turkey’s keep in mind that there are many job opportunities fırsatla definitely one not to be missed on behalf of earning money from the internet, I think.

35- Artıway: Even if none of the ways to make money on the internet is suitable for you, it is possible to make money indirectly on the internet with this method.

When you shop online, if you do this on , you will receive a refund at the bonus rates determined by Artiway according to the site and amount of your shopping.

So let’s say the artiway gives a 2% bonus for hepiburada. When you buy a 100 lira product from Hepsiburada with an artiway, 2 lira is returned to you via the artiway and lies on your artiway account. When these returns reach a certain amount, you can transfer your money.

As I said, this method is not directly include ways to make money from the internet but if you do all your online shopping artiway (which in artiway within Turkey’s present in almost all the famous shopping sites), you are indirectly made money.

Hopefully Ways To Make Money On The Internet: Nonsense! You found the article titled Real Methods useful. You can show your thanks by sharing the article on social media. This will be more than enough for me.

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