How To Get Rich By Working From Home?

By | 18 Haziran 2020

Hello folks, today we will work with you at home and look for the answer to the question of how to make money.

Guys Covid-19 virus has spread everywhere and the states have tightened the precautions, so please do not underestimate the precautions and rules against this virus. Let’s come to our main subject, friends, this virus forces all employees to work in their homes, so most people have to work at home, we hope you like to explain how you earn extra money by working at home for you.

The internet world is growing day by day We want you to share a better method for you in this growing money pool, friends are making money from the internet today, so people can easily make money from the internet, of course, the method of making money that I will tell you today with nice and logical steps. You can earn $ 100 per month with a link that we will add to logical and strategic places.

Which System Should We Use to Shorten a Link?

Friends, we come across many sites to make money by shortening the link, of course, the price they pay per click changes, if you want to earn extra money, you have to do exactly what I said. I frankly recommend Bcvc, which is a system that gives you reliability and a full fee, both saves you more and pays you a nice fee at the end of each month.

How are we going to share the shortened links on social media?

Here we encounter the biggest problem of the links we shorten here, friends, the world’s biggest social media platforms prohibit the sharing of such shortened links, so if you want to take your link and publish it on channels like Twitter, how can we overcome this problem?

Friends are actually able to be rich by making money online with a nice plan, friends now tell me my plan, the first step is not to oppose our posting urls like a blogger site, the big step social media sites are bloggers, so people blogger Clicking on but with guidance will go to the link we shortened, let’s get to this rough draft module now.

I assume that you have opened a blog, in fact, we can add a code to our blog and direct it directly, but we will use the one that is a bit challenging, when we come to the control panel of our blog, there is a respect option, there we open a new page, we add pictures for a state as if you clicked on a Google ad. , there will be a link in the middle of everything and that’s how our plan is over, with this method you can earn money online, get rich, that is, you can earn money by working at home.

So How Do These Links Make Money?

I explained the system to the friends, now let’s come to the answer to the question of how it makes money. Friends, you have shortened your link from a link shortening service and implemented the system I said and when you click on that link, suppose that an average of 100 people click on that link, when people click on that link, they come across a page, different ads appear in various parts of that page, I can not give a clear answer if you say what those ads are but generally Besides cream, fitness, application advertisements, sexual advertisements are included, that is, +18 advertisements also appear frequently. If you do not have a problem about this, you can easily use this system. The system gives you money because friends see the advertiser’s ads when people click on this link. Let’s look at how much they give detailed.

If we want to go into detail, friends give us between $ 0.01 and $ 0.001 per click, I know it is very low, but when 1k 2k clicks, it gives you a standard coin daily. Of course, besides this, there is a subject that we call the price per impression, let’s touch on that subject, friends, you clicked your ad 1k person, you earn money from it, and 1k person is displayed next to him, paying a fee like $ 5 separately, if you come, our friends, if you click too much If you believe that you will get a visit, you can use this system otherwise it will not save you much.

How are the payments?

Guys, we shorten the link and I assume that you have received a click and now let’s find the answer to the question of how they are paying.

I recommend you to use very reliable link shortening systems for the payment system, if the link shortening sites that you use do not make their name known and if their users are complaining, then the system has little chance to pay you. For example, Bcvc, which is the system I recommend to you, has announced its name as a popular link shortening method and nobody has

The fact that he did not have any problems makes this system popular, but of course you have to do some things to get paid.

Friends, you need to meet some criteria first to get paid from big sites like Bcvc. Now, if you want to explain what these criteria are, let me explain briefly, the lower limit of payment is the first criterion. they don’t know they’re going to sleep. Payments are made between 25-30 of each month. Bcvc is a very reliable system.

In this article, friends talked about working at home, earning money online, earning extra income, I hope you like it.

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