How Many Characters Should Articles Be?

How Many Characters Should Articles Be?

The characters you type friends should be at least 300 words, people will ask for words when you receive your articles, or will ask for words when uploading to a medium, if your articles are between 300 words and 500, it will be more likely not to be sold, especially if you say “adsense compatible articles” when selling these articles, the probability of not being sold is two. will be doubled. There are also 1200 words long articles to write them, it would be a very difficult job to write so long You will need plenty of time to write articles, but if your job is writing, such long articles will earn you more.

What Language Should Be Used When Writing Articles?

The number of words of friends may be sufficient, but there is something more important than this, you should use a good language to impress the reader and article recipient, as our ancestors say “Sweet tongue will remove the snake through its hole”, you will be more likely to sell the articles you write in a beautiful style, while friends write your articles you should pay attention to commas and punctuation marks, which is as important as style, in fact, people pay attention to punctuation in a book or article they read while not paying attention to punctuation in everyday spoken languages.

How Much Should We Set For The Articles?

The price you set in the articles is important for the buyer, buyers always get the lowest price from him, but you shouldn’t make the price too low so that it is sold for you. the price is as follows:

300 Words: 3₺
500 Words: 5₺
1200 Words: 50₺

Of course, the prices you see above are my experiences. In other words, there is nobody anywhere who says that this word has a word.

What happens to our monthly income by writing an article?

Nobody can give a definite answer if you ask our friends what is our monthly income by writing an article, because nobody knows if you sell the articles you write and how much you buy monthly is not certain, but if you are a person who knows the job, it is not difficult to guess why, friends people do their own they know the job and calculate how much they will earn from this job, but now let’s do a simple calculation.

Now you are selling 50 articles per month, and suppose these articles are 300 words, let’s calculate the price of these articles according to the standard price above. 50 * 3 = 150₺ is fine, especially considering that you are a student, it is very good money. But let’s calculate that you are selling 200 articles monthly, 200 * 3 = 600₺, this is even better than this. The reason why these earnings are beautiful is that you are doing it from your seat, sometimes there are so bad lives in the world that people have to work 12 hours to make money for this Mevlana.

Let’s Come to Our Summary:

Friends, how to make money by writing articles to you today, what are the features of a good article, I hope you liked it. In other words, the lowest standard text we should describe should be 300 words. The best articles should have 1200 and above words. What kind of style we use, in other words, we use the language of speech. calculated, I hope it was a useful article

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