How Application Makers Make Money Detailed Lecture!

Hello friends, today I will explain in detail how application developers and producers make money with you.

The world of mobile devices growing day by day has become the biggest market in the world, of course, with the popularity of the device market, the gains in the digital environment have increased exponentially, and when we say the digital world, almost everyone thinks of social media, as we know, the most popular social media networks and applications in the world. We all know, and also popular over these social media applications, that is, the famous ones dazzle with the money they earn. Here in this article, we will look for the answer to this question all together, but we need to go step by step.

1 – How Application Makers Make Money Detailed Lecture!

How Application Makers Make Money Detailed Lecture!In order to learn how they earn, we need to know how they did it. Many of our friends who read this article have tried to practice or develop, but it is not fully detailed, for example, it has added the most writing to the application, or rather, it has just started programming, programming is an action that teaches how to think, as many famous people say. To be able to program friends, it is necessary to learn software languages as everyone knows, so it is necessary to learn certain computer languages, of course, you only learned the language, there is no such thing as application, because you need to use special programs to make these software. If you are going to make an application, you should use the program called Android Studio made by Google. If the language it supports is Java coding language, if you are going to play a game, you should use the Unity game engine. If it is the required language, C # you can play with this language, there are many more coding languages and programs available. it becomes clear what you will use.

How Application Makers Make Money Detailed Lecture!

2 – How Do They Make Money?

There are many ways to make money online an application, one of them is sponsored links, which is actually the one that earns the most, for example, your application has reached 1 million downloads and your active user number is 500k. This is a very good performance. Let’s talk.

E-commerce brands such as Trendyol and Hepsiburada are the most sponsored advertisers in our country, which we call friends sponsored advertisements. he enters that link to complete the task so that the sponsors earn more, there are some applications, they set a price between 50.000$-1.000.000$ for 1 sponsored link.

Another of friends is that Google Admob is actually 97% of the most winning apps are using Google Admob. Let me explain briefly if you say this Admob. Friends Admob is an ad service, developers such as Adsense appear ads on the right or bottom of the applications at the right or right of the applications thanks to the Admob code they place in the application. When the user clicks or watches that ad, a fee of 0,10$-6$ is reflected in the developer’s Admob account. you can withdraw it with your bank account. In fact, its developers generally make money through advertising.

3 – Which is the Most Saving Plartform?

When it comes to the most profitable platform, friends, of course, the Android operating system comes to mind immediately, but things are not like that, in fact, iOS, which is the operating system that earns the most opposite, is the most profitable. If you say why Apple actually exploits money, earns more with monthly subscription games, we can say that one-time purchases from the Play Store are available in this aspect, Apple will earn more. 76.1% use Android while 22.9% rest the iOS operating systems.

Paid Applications Earn More or Free Applications?

A question in the mind of many people who want to enter the software of friends, is it more paid applications or free applications? We will seek the answer to the question. As we know, some applications are offered for free in virtual markets, some of them are free of charge, you need to pay a certain fee to obtain paid applications and games, and the payment method is online, as well as online credit card or debit card or gift codes, friends are free of charge beside these paid applications and games. games offered as a certain to get these applications available

You do not need to pay a fee, but of course, in this application and games, the types of ads I mentioned above can be used while using the current application. free apps are obviously free apps are becoming more popular.

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