Getting Youtube Adsense

Hello friends, today I will talk about how to make money from YouTube, how to add adsense to your
YouTube channel. Hope you like, you can comment in the comments section to interact.

Friends, we all see from our environment, youtubers, who are very winning, youtubers are very rich,
friends, and their YouTube channels are small channels in time, if you have a YouTube channel now,
and if you are expecting performance, you can be like them if you have that idea. YouTube has
certain criteria for monetizing to get adsense. Although these criteria change, it is stated that these
criteria are stably stated.

Friends First of YouTube’s criteria 1000 subscriber rule The subscribers on
your YouTube channel must exceed 1000 subscribers, in other words, if your channel does not
exceed 1000 subscribers, you cannot fulfill the criteria and earn money.

Second, friends have 4000 hours rule. The total value of the videos you upload to your YouTube
channel should find 4000 hours, otherwise, as I said again, you cannot earn money.

Friends 3rd and last rule must have a total of 10,000 views per month, otherwise you will not be able
to earn any money.
I hope you liked the article, there are more rules like these, you can look at them from Google help
and you can get adsense approval.

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