Fill in the Survey

Hello folks, today I will talk about how you can make money by doing the task from the application or
through the websites and how they pay.

As you can see, you can see the sites and applications that you will earn money by doing more than
one task as you can see. You can access the apps that we can earn by working with friends from the
Play Store or you can quickly access them by doing a search on Google now how they make money
Friends these give you tasks that you can do in your little free time. or it is reflected as points, then
you can cash with it.

Come on now, even though it is not clear how long the tasks are given to you, these tasks may come
to you sometimes for a week, sometimes 1 month, sometimes a day or even 1 minute, so it is not
certain. Let’s talk about what you did in these missions, a little friends, these missions send you
somewhere, visit here or tell you how I say, fill in a questionnaire, fill in a questionnaire like in our
survey article, same questionnaire filling programs, but this time gives you different tasks. If the task
is giving an application, if you download it, if you comment 0.10$, you give 0.15$, I hope you liked
how we made money by working with you today

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