Everything about the methods of making money on the internet. – how to make money on the internet?

I set up a website with all the details and transfer the method of making money from the internet to you in detail. The method of making money from the webmaster from the internet with years of experience.

It has been the year 2020 and making money on the internet has become everybody’s dream, in fact, I can say that there is nothing as easy as making money on the internet.

This may sound silly to you, but since everything is back from the internet, it is possible to earn money from where you are sitting.

Actually, my dream is to buy a caravan and travel and earn money.

Make Money by setting up a Web Site

To set up a normal website, you get a domain for nine dollars, and DE DE hosting for 100TL, you will sort your sort for your website. After getting these, you can create your own website with free themes that you find on the internet by installing wordpress software.

You have purchased domain and hosting, you have researched and you cannot set up your website.

So how did you set up your website and make money? Actually it is very simple that you will write and make articles like the article you are reading right now,

In which sector you will write articles, we will set up your website accordingly, I give an example you want to set up a recipe site. I will ask you to share one recipe every day, you can share more. The more content, the more money you earn.

First of all, I should state that you should definitely not take it from another site and put it on your own site. If you do this, you enter the spa and google will never take you to the front pages, so this will be labor theft.

Anyway, let’s say you have set up your website so that search engines can crawl your website faster and you can add speed to webmastertool.

you probably don’t know how to send it as well and i will try to publish it in the article about it at the appropriate time, since i don’t know how long it will take, you can find the articles about it when you copy the items below and search on google.

google webmastertool
yandex webmastertool
bing webmastertool
How to add webmastertool by searching the above lines one by one. You can learn about this.

So far everything is ok now how do we make money on our website?

Make money by advertising on Google adsense
Make money by getting a promotional letter
Earn money by selling monthly Backlinks
Make money by getting banner advertising

You can get income from the four items above from our website, but to make them, your site must have a minimum of three months of nut, and your site must have a certain authority, as there must be a hundred pieces of nut on your site.

In order for your website to rise rapidly, you should share on social media sites, I will give back the nut solid social media sites, and after subscribing to them, you should share your articles here.

sharing every article on these social media sites will increase the traffic of your site and your site will be in the eyes of Google even more.

Make money on social media?

If you want to make money on this social media, you do not need to be your own website, but you can earn a pair of directional earnings, your accounts on social media should reach a solid follower.

If you say that I want to earn money by uploading a picture directly, it is very difficult as it is very easy to earn money on Instagram, and it is difficult to write a mount, this tammy is for you.

There are always shared accounts that we all follow, which can be funny accounts or pictures or videos that share interesting information.

You can earn money from sharing by opening this kind of account, again, if you share the pictures or videos that nut important point is shared by someone else, you will get a complaint because of spam and your account will be closed after a certain time.

You should definitely not do;
Do not share someone else’s posts (pictures or videos)
Don’t give your account passwords to anyone
Don’t buy fake followers
Do not share in different categories
Pay attention to the above items, you will quickly rise.

What you should consider when sharing a post now, and even if your posts are used by someone else, start paying attention so that your name is not deleted.

What you must do;
Share by editing (editing) all pictures or videos
add your username on each picture in an indelible way
Write a few words of nut az fifty at the bottom of each post.
Ask questions for users so that comments can be made under our share, so your ability to explore will increase
Do not use more than 4 hashtags # example1 # example2 #experiment
If you go under popular posts when you first rise and say “the last post is about the end of the world”, you can make your users visit your page.
By seamlessly creating and sharing the above items, your followers will slowly rise and you will be one step closer to making money after reaching a certain position.

Make money on social media?

Once we have read and understood the above items, we will now be at the stage of making money, when you reach 20,000 Followers, you can start receiving small amounts of advertising.

So how much can you earn on social media? or how can you win?
You can earn money by sharing a story
You can earn money by sharing a 24-hour post.
Again, do not share permanent advertising on your page without falling under the spell of money, without breaking the line on your page.

For those who prefer story thirty metal on a page with 20 thousand followers, twenty four hour post and 2 of thirty metal, you can get advertisement from fifty metal.

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