Building WordPress Site From Scratch And Making Seo Settings Step By Step!

Hello friends, as you know, the Internet world is developing and growing day by day, websites, which are the building blocks of the internet, have reached an incredible number, let alone the world, only about 1 million websites are available in our country, in this article, we will establish a WordPress Site step by step with you and  I will tell you in detail how we can maximize in the pool.

Friends, there are many providers to make a website on the internet, so obviously, when you do a little search on Google, that is, when you do a little search to ‘set up a website’ in the search section, you will see many results listed below, while some allow you to set up a free website.  some will allow you to set up a website for a certain fee.  While there are so many options for setting up a site, it is not possible for people to be confused, we have written this article so that you do not get confused, so you will have the dream website by doing the steps I will specify here.

Now let’s come to our main subject, plan your mind thoroughly before building your dream site, why do we need it, we have some friends who say we think the rest after installing it, friends Internet world is not like 5 years ago anymore, if you have a good idea and a good plan,  You can earn smart money and become popular.  In other words, if you are trusting your opinion and planned a good course, I am talking about install a website or you will have wasted your money, let’s go to our business without further ado.

I have explained above that many systems and advertisements are rotating on the internet to create a site, now let’s come to the answer to the question of which system I recommend you.

36% of the sites found on the Internet use WordPress!

There are millions of sites on the internet and 36% of them are sites that have WordPress infrastructure, so frankly the provider I recommend to you is certain, friends, in this article, we will establish a WordPress-based site from scratch.  Of course, before this installation work, we need to get acquainted with WordPress, first of all, let me show you the answer to the question of how to set up sites using WordPress.  Friends You can easily set up “personal blog, e-commerce site, professional website” with WordPress, let’s look at the details of these site formats, and then we can go back to getting to know WordPress.

Personal blog :

The answer to the question What is a personal blog is quite simple, people are blogs where they open a personal blog, that is, they describe their activities and many other activities during the day.  For example, there are blog types like this, for example, there are many blog types such as travel blog, recipe blog.  So frankly, you can open a personal blog that you write your hobbies with using WordPress.

E-commerce site :

We came to work, which is actually the most troublesome thing, not only with the site, you have to spend more effort and always actively manage your site, what is this e-commerce site event?  Friends online shopping sites are called e-commerce sites, making such sites is both costly and laborious, you can set up an e-commerce site using WordPress for a monthly or annual fee, but as I said, you have to spare time.

Professional Web Site:

In fact, when we hear this word, we all think that this is a great website, but it is not something that will be exaggerated, for example a news site is a make-up site in this category, namely blog and e-commerce sites, all of them are in this category but WordPress’s privileges  of course you can be more professional.  You can also set up a professional website for a certain monthly or annual fee.

Friends, you can easily make all three categories above from WordPress. When we understand these categories, we can continue to recognize WordPress.

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